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Tips on realising your New Year’s resolutions


The EJE300 Fruit JuicerInspiro OvenIcon Washing MachineInduction Hob

It’s a brand new year and with it the annual tradition of kicking bad habits and living our lives anew – the New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes resolutions at the beginning of a year. But how many of us keep them?

Here’re a few tips on how the right appliances can help you to realise the more common of New Year’s resolutions:

1) Staying fit and healthy – The misconception and the main reason why this resolution gets dropped after a couple of months, is that keeping fit requires hours and hours of exercise and an expensive gym membership.

Keeping fit is actually a balance of maintaining a routine of simple exercises like walking, and a healthy and balanced diet. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Drop a few stops further from your usual bus-stop and walk the additional distance.


The EJE300 Fruit Juicer

Cut down on red meat, junk food, caffeine and sugar. Avoid canned and packet fruit juices. Instead, opt for freshly squeezed fruit juices. The Electrolux EJE 3000 Juice Extractor’s extra wide feeder tube means you can juice fruits whole, skipping the troublesome process of cutting them into smaller pieces. Perfect for grabbing a fruit juice to go in the morning.

2) Learn a new skill and spend more time with the family (and more ‘me’ time too!) – Fulfil two resolutions at the same time! Change the kitchen into a classroom with the Electrolux Inspiro Oven. Learning to cook has never been easier with this intelligent oven.

Inspiro Oven

Inspiro Oven

With 300 built-in recipes from 78 categories, all anyone really has to do to learn how to cook is switch this amazing oven on and follow the instructions. With built-in intelligence gathered from professional chefs, even someone who has never cooked before will be able to create delicious delicacies.

Just turn the wheel to tell the oven what you’re cooking. The oven will automatically measure the content and calculate the time and temperature needed for the best results. To top things off, the pyrolytic cleaning function cleans your oven at a touch of a button, keeping things even simpler.

Don’t forget to get your kids into the kitchen to transform dinner into a true family event. With Electrolux’s induction hobs, it’s now safe to introduce your kids to the joys of cooking.

Using magnetic fields for immediate reaction times and constant heating levels, Electrolux’s induction hobs provide a safe, flameless environment for your kids to express their culinary creativity. What’s more, induction hobs are proven to be 40% more energy efficient than your traditional gas cook tops and you get to save on gas too!

3) Save the earth and save more money – It’s hard to imagine how buying new appliances could possibly save you money, but it does! Part of “Thinking of you” is Electrolux’s commitment to make appliances that are more environmentally responsible and to help you cut down on your electricity and water consumption.

Icon Washing Machine

Icon Washing Machine

Induction hob

Induction Hob

Getting an Electrolux eco-range product like the Icon washing machine or an induction hob will save you more on your utility bills in the long run.

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