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Wet, wet, wet



Have you ever wondered if it was possible to combine the gentleness of hand washing with the impressive efficiency of professional cleaning?

Well, that bit of wishful thinking has now become a reality.  Introducing the professional LagoonTM wet cleaning system by Electrolux – an incredibly gentle, ultra-efficient wet cleaning process that is capable of managing the treatment of all types of garments.   An important feature considering the proportion of garments requiring dry cleaning continues to fall.

Lagoon washing machines


So gentle is the LagoonTM wet cleaning process that The Woolmark Company has exclusively approved it as the only professional wet cleaning system for cleaning Woolmark garments labelled as “dry clean only”. Even clothing with flocking, transfers or buttons – items that ordinarily do not dry clean well can be wet cleaned by the Electrolux LagoonTM process with ease.

The LagoonTM process uses water solvent combined with biodegradable products. As water is a natural solvent, it is capable of providing an efficient wash on all types of textiles, eliminating dry stains and undesirable smells, something dry cleaning is incapable of.

It further restores the vibrancy of colours, even whites that are often dulled due to successive cleaning. LagoonTM fabric softeners can also be added to help clothes recover their original softness and fresh smell.

The greatest success of the system however, is its safety. Dry cleaning machines use perchlorethylene (PERC), hydrocarbons or other solvents, all of which are considered as potential hazards to human health.

PERC is classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC), which may cause headaches, damage to liver and kidneys, and even cancer after prolonged exposure. Furthermore, hydrocarbons and solvents are extremely toxic and can cause burns to skin during handling. The use of these chemicals are increasingly regulated by environmental authorities and rightfully so.

Lagoon TM, on the other hand, uses biodegradable products in full compliance with international environmental standards. Solvents, toxic fumes and waste treatment problems are a thing of the past, as are the expensive ventilation systems that were so often a requirement of drycleaners.

The risk of exposure to dangerous inhalants and burns during handling are also eliminated as water replaces chemicals as the natural solvent. The working environment becomes a much safer and healthier environment for all.

Ecological cleaning that cares for both your garments and the environment, LagoonTM is the future of professional laundry services. Dry cleaning could just be a thing of the past. So why wait? Ask for wet cleaning today.

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