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Hotter and more sensational showers for your home


Allure and Aura instant water heaters

After a long day at work, hot showers can be a godsend. That’s why Electrolux is bringing  a new range of instant water heaters to now give you that great shower experience in the comfort of your own home.

allure and aura

Allure and Aura

Introducing the all new Allure Essentials and Aura Slim Series range of instant water heaters or showerhead water heaters as they are more commonly referred to.  This range of instant water heaters stays true to our commitment to ‘thoughtful design’ and innovation by providing consumers with a product that’s both great in style and functionality.

Made to be compact, these instant water heaters are no bigger than a small briefcase, saving you valuable space that can otherwise be used for storage, perfect for smaller apartment or condo units.

These instant tankless water heaters also heat water entirely on demand and only when needed. Since there’s no water storage, heat loss and the extra energy needed to reheat water is completely eliminated. It’s also because of this system that allows you to have warm showers all day without ever running out of hot water.

But the real beauty of these heaters lie not just in its attractive size and finish, it’s also highly functional in providing a wide range of features and safety considerations for your home.

Both the Allure and Aura come encased in ABS waterproof plastic and have additional design elements that ensure the units are splash proof, making it extremely difficult for water to enter.

To double your safety, both also come with highly sensitive Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB), which protects both the user and its own components in case of electrical surges.

Variable electronic power controls also afford easy and more precise temperature selection. Couple that with double action safety thermostats that automatically cut off heating for the ultimate in anti-scalding protection.

Did we also mention that the heaters come with a five-spray pattern showerhead design? Choose from jumbo, soothe, standard and mixed spray patterns. And for the ultimate relaxing hot shower, use the massage spray pattern – a continuous and steady flow of pulsating, high-pressured water that’s designed to relax those stiff muscles.

The Allure Essentials and Aura Slim Series water heaters are set to sensationalise your showering experience in the first quarter of this year.

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