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The perfect pair for the perfect wash


Affinity Pair

Doing the laundry can be a tiresome process, which is why we’ve come up with the perfect washer and dryer solution to help wash away those laundry woes!

Affinity pair

Affinity Pair

This perfect laundry pair each comes with a host of intelligent features, but when combined together, they provide you with the ability to wash and dry 11kg worth of laundry at one go. King-sized duvets, sleeping bags, comforters and clothes, everything can be washed in a single load now.

Imagine the time you save from not having to split your loads. Even better, imagine the energy and water savings on top of that! Cost effective, environment-friendly washing and drying has never been easier.

The brilliant Electrolux Time Manager 11 boasts an intelligent fabric care feature that can automatically customise each laundry load for better stain removal. It also comes with a deep clean cycle that produces whiter, more vibrant and cleaner results.

The lower tumbling speeds of this washer mean less ‘wear and tear’ on your fabrics. This allows your clothes to retain their shape and elasticity. A two-way, reverse tumble action allows your clothes to be soaked in a concentrated pool of detergent while at the same time, there is continuous flowing water running through the clothing fibres. This produces a gentle yet efficient wash as compared with other washers.

To finish the wash cycle, the washer employs Advanced Rinse Technology. Clothes are showered with fresh, clean water in the final stages. This eliminates any residual detergents and allergens in the fabrics after washing – a problem commonly encountered when clothes are rinsed with re-circulated water in conventional washers.

The Electrolux Sensor Dry 11 is the perfect complement to the Time Manager 11 with equally intelligent design features. Its stainless steel drum with an ultra smooth surface offers efficient heat transfer while reducing abrasions. A quick, gentle and perfect finish.

The Balanced Dry System used by the Sensor Dry 11 draws large volumes of air through the back of the drum and redistributes it evenly for safe, efficient drying without the dreaded ‘hot spots’ that can damage clothes.

Its Dryness Selections feature provides an array of options ranging from More Dry, Normal, Less Dry or Damp, to ensure better control over fabric care and the drying process which in turn speeds up the ironing process. The Moisture Sensor System also senses the moisture level in the fabric to achieve precision and optimal dryness, giving your clothes that fresh, crisp feel – the perfect end to the perfect wash.

The perfect pair washer and dryer is set to be launched in Southeast Asia in this quarter.

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