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International Women’s Day – A Celebration of Enduring & Outstanding Qualities

The International Women’s Day is here once again. For more than a hundred years now, women around the world are honoured for the work they do. In many countries, it is a special day for every woman, simply for who they are.

An interview with Kelley Cheng

Electrolux has a long and distinguished heritage when it comes to designing household appliances. Since 1918, when Electrolux was first formed, “Thoughtful Design” has always been central to the company’s design approach.

Get smart! Go green! Electrolux invites Malaysians to think eco!

Respect for the environment and sustainability, two cornerstones that are close to the heart of Electrolux. Having sustainable products not only saves the environment but also benefits our consumers by lowering their electricity and water consumption.

Serving up the second course at the chef’s table with Bruce Lim

Chef’s Table is one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. So when Bruce Lim, the mastermind behind Chef’s Table, speaks about restaurants, it’s best to sit up and listen.

Hot and cold – the proper way to take a shower

The debate of whether warm showers are better than cold showers has raged on for years. Enter now a new contender – contrast showers.

Electrolux Philippines wins at the PANATA Awards for the second year running

Congratulations to Electrolux Philippines for winning the Philippines Association of National Advertisers Truth in Advertising Awards (PANATA Awards) for the second year running.

Electrolux brings more smiles with its first Concept Store in Thailand

Fans in the Land of Smiles had another reason to smile this week whenElectrolux opened its first Concept Store in Thailand. Launched on 9 February, the Electrolux Home Inspirations Showroom reaffirms Electrolux’s commitment to providing quality home solutions in the region. “As its name suggests, the Electrolux Home Inspirations showroom is aimed at providing our […]

A seat at the chef’s table with Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim, the recent judge of Electrolux’s Wok-a-Holic Kitchen Masters Cook-Off in the Philippines, is a busy man. Having to host the Asian Food Channel’s ‘Tablescapes: Life on a Plate’ while running one of the top restaurants in the Philippines and setting up another is no easy feat.

Homes of the future with intelligent mobility

Do you remember a time when computers were running on DOS, the best a phone could do was send an SMS and Facebook had not yet invaded our lives?

Love is all around

The prices of flowers have sky rocketed, restaurants are rolling out their special set dinners and chocolates are piling up in the display windows of candy shops.