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Homes of the future with intelligent mobility


The future of appliances - Intelligent and mobileIntelligent appliances like the Electrolux Inspiro Oven are all the craz

Do you remember a time when computers were running on DOS, the best a phone could do was send an SMS and Facebook had not yet invaded our lives?

Back then, watching the Jetsons on television was a window into the home of the future, or our imaginations. But technology has certainly come a long way since and having a home like the Jetsons’ might not be a dream for much longer.

appliances of the future

The future of appliances – Intelligent and mobile

Technology has improved tremendously over the past decade and the advent and growth of the Internet is just one great example of that and how it has given rise to a whole new world of possibilities. Wireless technology has now “synced” that new world even further with the creation of smartphones and tablet PCs. Intelligence and mobility. Devices and programmes are getting smarter everyday. They can automate themselves, communicate with other devices, and remember your habits and social patterns.

Information can be stored in the “cloud”, retrieved from any mobile device, laptop or computer allowing you to work from home, a friend’s place or even on the bus. Computers can be accessed remotely from a mobile device and used as if you were sitting right in front of them.

So why can’t the same be done for home appliances?

The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has shown that technological trends are catching up with white goods as well. Automated and integrated appliances may very well take over your home soon.

Inspiro oven

Intelligent appliances like the Electrolux Inspiro Oven are all the craze

Imagine being able to do your laundry from work, or heating your food while driving home so that a hot meal is already waiting for you when you get back. It really isn’t that far-fetched.

At Electrolux, we understand and realise your need for intelligent appliances that will provide greater ease and flexibility for all your daily routines in today’s increasingly mobile world. This year’s Electrolux Design Lab theme is a great reflection of that.

Intelligent mobility is not just about portability; it’s about providing flexible control to liberate time and to support creative expression both within and beyond the home.

Picture a home where you could run any appliance from a computer, console or even your television. Better yet, how about running them on the go from your mobile phone or tablet?  .

The only limit on the home appliances of tomorrow is your imagination. So can you imagine what will be the appliances on display at this year’s Electrolux Design Lab?

For the full brief and more information on the Electrolux Design Lab 2011, please visit www.electroluxdesignlab.com.

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