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Hot and cold – the proper way to take a shower


The Allure and Aura instant water heaters give you perfect control for contrast showers.

The debate of whether warm showers are better than cold showers has raged on for years. Enter now a new contender – contrast showers.

It does make sense. Scientifically there are benefits to both warm and cold showers. So why not combine them both to reap all the rewards?

Warm water kills bacteria. That’s why doctors always advise you to wash wounds in warm water. It’s also why when sterilizing something, you do it in warm or hot water.

Warm water also cleanses the skin. During a warm shower, the heat causes your pores to open up and take in water. Dirt and oils that have accumulated in your pores during the day are more effectively washed away.

But don’t just leave your pores open for dirt and oil to clog them up all over again. A cold shower will close your pores preventing skin imperfections like acne. Warm water will also dry up your skin, so it’s best to finish off with a cold shower to keep your skin moisturized.

The same concept is applied to your hair as well. Cuticles should be opened by taking a warm shower to facilitate washing and cleaning. When done, close them by using cold water to prevent dirt from getting into your scalp. This will strengthen your hair and give it that healthy and shiny sheen.

Having a warm shower on a cold day isn’t rocket science, but there is medical science to it. The heart functions at a higher rate, circulating blood to cool the body while under a warm shower. Under warm water, blood primarily rushes to your skin and away from your organs.

Switching to a cold shower will cause blood to rush from your skin to your organs. This switching forces blood to move and your circulation to improve. Good circulation prevents hypertension and hardening of the arteries. It also stabilizes the body’s temperature settings so you don’t catch colds easily.

Alternating temperatures will also trigger your body’s immune system. This continuous working of the immune system strengthens it over time, making you more resistant to illnesses.

If you have cold or sinus congestions, a warm shower will help open your sinuses and expel the congestion from your respiratory tract. Adding peppermint or eucalyptus oil to your warm shower aids this natural cure even further. The fumes that the oil releases will open up your sinuses automatically and relieve you of your condition.

To take a really effective contrast shower, turn on your Electrolux Allure or Aura instant water heater and jump right in. Ideally, you should be alternating between three to five minutes of warm water and three to five minutes of cold water. The Allure and Aura’s instant temperature control capabilities are ideal for this.


The Allure and Aura instant water heaters give you perfect control for contrast showers.

The important thing to remember is to finish your shower off with cold water to ensure all your pores and hair cuticles are closed, giving you the full benefits of a contrast shower.

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