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International Women’s Day – A Celebration of Enduring & Outstanding Qualities


International Women's Day

The International Women’s Day is here once again. For more than a hundred years now, women around the world are honoured for the work they do. In many countries, it is a special day for every woman, simply for who they are.


Hooray for Women!

Credit: Mike Baird

These are women we recognize, celebrate and hope to emulate each year in more than 170 countries worldwide on 8 March. The day dedicated to outstanding women who have touched the lives of others and inspired those around to live better.

What is truly remarkable about International Women’s Day isn’t so much the festivities surrounding the day itself, but the celebration of the spirit of women. Many movements and events fizzle out with time but the International Women’s Day is today more than a century old.

It has survived two major world wars and countless economic, social and political upheavals in countries all over the world. And unlike many other traditions that struggle to stay alive and relevant with time, the celebrations for this special day seem to have grown and evolved even more so since it started in the early 1900s.

What started out as a national movement in the US for working women in 1909, and campaigning for women’s voting rights in the early years, has now become a far more encompassing event to mark the achievements of women and a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards them and their role in their families and society.

Perhaps the reason why the International Women’s Day has grown in stature and relevance is the fact that it celebrates enduring qualities that never go out of style or fade with time. Qualities like passion, dedication to craft, strength, respect and appreciation for all people and things that make up our world.

These enduring qualities too lie at the heart of Electrolux as we constantly pursue ways to make our consumers’ lives better and more fulfilling.  Our “Thinking of You” philosophy captures our dedication and passion of creating appliances that make life easier and that much more enjoyable for both women (and men).

Thoughtful design is an intrinsic element in the development of all our products.  The Electrolux Inspiro for example takes the chore out of preparing that perfect dinner for your family or party of friends.  You can now wine and dine loved ones with a gourmet meal with just a turn of a button.

Another great example of these endearing qualities is Electrolux’s range of renowned laundry and floorcare products.  Both of which leverage on the latest technology and design trends that are based on real consumer needs and insights to ensure great functionality, performance and aesthetics.

The enduring qualities of passion, dedication to craft, and attention to the needs and aspirations of people are the constant drivers of the team here at Electrolux as we understand that these are the very same values that drive many of the outstanding women in our midst today.

Today and every day, we hope to honour them by allowing them to pursue and enjoy their lives even more through sharing their values, work ethic and of course, chores around the house!

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