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Song Kran: More Than A Splashing Good Time


Mobile Water Squad - Getting Wet at SongKran!Electrolux 2-Door Side by Side Refrigerator

The Land of A Thousand Smiles breaks out into an exuberant water festival filled with laughter and merry-making every April when Song Kran comes round.

The Thai national holiday shows the fun loving side of the Thais as they head out to the streets with buckets and lorry loads of water to splash at anyone in sight.


Mobile Water Squad – Getting Wet at SongKran!
Credit: Curtis Foreman

But ringing in the Thai New Year didn’t start this way. The water festival is based on the tradition of sprinkling water as a form of cleansing and blessings for the New Year.

While tourists flock to Thailand for Song Kran between 12-15 April looking for a splashing good time out on streets, locals spend days preparing for their New Year in a less public but no less meaningful way.

The people of Thailand pay much attention to spring cleaning their homes. It is seen as a duty and very much a part of their preparations in the lead up to the new year. The cleaning of the home is symbolic to cleanse it from  all things that are unpleasant and unwanted from the past. This way, nothing bad from the past will be carried into the new year.

What better way to clear out the dirt from the past year than with the stylish Electrolux Ergorapido vac?

Afterall, if it’s time to move on to better things, get a head start and give the home a new appliance to clear out the dust from the past and usher in all things good and new.

The Ergorapido is ergonomically designed, easy to use, takes up little space and certainly packs  a punch when helping to clean up the house.

Besides cleaning up the dirt and grime at home, the Thai new year is also a time for new clothes. What better way to welcome the new year than with a fresh, clean new look.

In the past, the young ones actually help their elderly folk take a bath before getting rid of old clothings and presenting them with new ones. This was done as a mark of respect for the elderly during the new year.

So to make sure your new clothes get the best care possible, it may be a good time to switch to an Electrolux washer that will take care of your clothes the way they should be. After all, if it’s a gift from someone, or a gift to yourself, your clothes deserve the best care possible.

Electrolux Refrigerator 2-Door Side by Side

Electrolux 2-Door Side by Side Refrigerator

Finally, no festive season is complete without the perfect meal with loved ones. A huge part of Song Kran is the culinary feast made from fresh and fragrant herbs and spices. With Electrolux refrigerators, you don’t have to worry about your fragrant Jasmine scented Khao Chae mixing with other foods as they come equipped with active Deo Fresh system of Dual Deodorisers that attract and absorb stray odours and help to keep your food smelling and tasting fresh.

With the house cleaned out, brand new clothes taken care off and deliciously fresh culinary feasts all ready to go, it’s time  to head out to the streets for a splashing good time this Song Kran!

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