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Toasting to ‘Halsa’ in the Philippines!


The new range of  air conditioners that keep you cool and lets you rejuvenate at home!

On 1 March, Electrolux in the Philippines celebrated the launch of exciting new additions to their air conditioning line. The launch, which was held at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel in Manila, saw a great turnout by both trade and media partners eager to find out more about how Electrolux could bring the Swedes’ unique brand of wellness or hälsa into their lives.


The new range of  air conditioners that keep you cool and lets you rejuvenate at home!

Increasing pollution due to rapid urbanisation in cities and stress from a faster pace of life are twin threats to the health and wellness of many people in Asia. In the Philippines, city dwellers have been constantly searching for new ways to relax and rejuvenate amidst an increasingly hectic lifestyle. Acutely mindful of this growing need, Electrolux has created a new line of air conditioners with a combination of advanced air purifying technologies to help keep families cool and healthy.

These new air conditioners promise to give Filipino consumers that wellness experience they have been looking for and allow them to enjoy a rejuvenating experience right in their own homes. That’s a real bonus since they won’t need to squeeze precious time out from an already hectic schedule to find somewhere else to rest and relax.

How can air conditioners enhance your health and wellness you might ask? Well, Electrolux’s new split-type air conditioners feature an integrated Air Filtration System that eliminates dust and other harmful particles, as well as a Bio HEPA Filter that traps very fine dust, bacteria, fungi and microbes and destroys these organisms by dissolving their cell calls with a biological enzyme.  This system removes over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles, ensuring a purer and cleaner home environment for all.

But the amazing work of these air conditioners doesn’t just end there. They also have the Plasma Air Purification Technology that tackles contaminants and impurities in the air. This purification technology helps reduce the incidences of allergies, asthma and even the seasonal common cold when the weather gets hot in summer.

As if that wasn’t enough, the team at Electrolux has also included a unique ‘Vitamin C technology’ that releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C into the air.  Vitamin C not only helps reduce stress and improve skin conditions, it even inhibits the growth of bacteria and combats free radicals!

From the enthusiastic reception at the launch, it  looks like more people will soon be staying home and  breathing  in the good quality clean air and toasting to hälsa, all thanks to their new Electrolux air conditioner!

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