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Dynamic and stylish cleaning now made even easier


Dynamica Bahama Blue ZS320 and GooseberryGreen ZS321

The days of the bulky vacuum cleaner will soon be a thing of the past with Electrolux’s latest floor care offering, the Dynamic corded stick cleaner.  This stylish vacuum is both lightweight and powerful and will be hard to resist for anyone who cares about style and performance.

This contemporary and slender vacuum promises to not only help you clean your home quickly; it’s also a beauty to behold and ergonomically designed to make vacuuming easy and relaxing.

Dynamica Bahama Blue ZS320 and Gooseberry Green ZS321

The Electrolux Dynamica Stick Vacuum in Bahama Blue and Gooseberry Green

Compared to traditional bulky vacuum cleaners, the Electrolux Dynamica is effortless to use around the house. You no longer have to lug around a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs or drag and pull at the cords to get it to move along with you as you clean.

Steering the Electrolux Dynamica around furniture in the home is also much easier than using a traditional broom. Just give the handle a light twist to control its movement and marvel at the highly flexible double-jointed floor nozzle – designed for easy maneuverability.

With a 6-metre-long cord, this lightweight cleaner allows you to simply walk around your home with ease, picking up every strand of hair, dirt and dust along the way.

You also no longer need to find a place to hide your cleaner as well. All unnecessary volume has been removed to give this vacuum its slim and sleek design so that it can now be stored easily within reach.

Besides its clever design, the Dynamica also packs a punch when it comes to its suction power.  A 800W motor is combined with a powerful motor brush to ensure maximum dust pick-up and minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment, for safer and more hygienic air quality while cleaning.

In addition, it comes equipped with a 1-litre large dust cup that empties out easily with a simple release catch.  The cyclonic suction of this impressive cleaner also ensures easy maintenance and improved performance without the filter getting clogged over time.

But what makes it the perfect cleaning companion is its ability to clean both hard floors and carpets with ease.  This means no more hassle trying to figure out which attachments to switch to for timber, tiled, marble or carpeted flooring.

The Dynamica stick vacuum will be launched in Southeast Asia and China from March.

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