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The answer to a quieter home cleaning solution with Electrolux


Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3900Silent Performance Hood EFC9563x

Finding tranquillity in a clean and comfortable home is an elusive challenge for many. People are hard pressed for time. They are getting home later for dinner, catching up with work late into the night, and squeezing in household chores like vacuuming and doing the laundry before hitting the sack.

Electrolux’s recent consumer insights have revealed that increasingly, people do not restrict cleaning to a specific day or time during the week. Instead, cleaning takes place whenever there’s a chance, even late into the night, disturbing the quiet relaxation  time for everyone else.

A survey done in 10 countries found that consumers are most irritated by the sound from a vacuum cleaner when at home. Yet, there’s no running away from it. Homes need to be cleaned and modern powerful vacuum cleaners have become a must-have.

Compounding the problem of indoor noise disturbances is the reality that today’s apartments are smaller and more compact. To deal with this, home interiors have moved towards a more open design, to create the illusion of space. Unfortunately, this seamless flow from one area to another also means that activities in one area will impact on other parts of the home as well. A person vacuuming the living room for example will disturb their loved ones in another room or space at home.

Besides vacuuming, cooking can also be a noisy affair. With open concept kitchens, the noise from the quintessential cooker hood to soak up the oil and fumes also adds to the indoor noise pollution.. The Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 revealed that consumers desire a nice home cooked meal after a long day at work, yet to get that perfect meal, there’s no escaping the blaring noise from the cooker hood.

It’s no surprise then that consumers today desire home appliances that can help them relax at home, not add to the noise. Electrolux recognises this need for quieter homes and our engineers have successfully developed products to meet this need.

The UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner uses the patent Silent Air Technology to keep the sound from the vacuum no louder than a normal conversation (at 68 decibels). The technology optimizes air flow to allow the vacuum to increase its performance while reducing the noise it emits.

Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3900

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3900

Engineers understand that with every non-optimised bend, noise levels increase and performance is reduced, and so the UltraSilencer has been designed to ensure that every possible speck of dust and dirt is picked up every time the vacuum is turned on.

The special insulation and clever design allows the motor to be suspended, reducing vibrations to a minimum. Silence and performance do indeed go hand in hand, and with the UltraSilencer, consumers will find handling a breeze with ergonomic handles that also allow for better manoeuvring.

Besides vacuuming, stressful noisy kitchens can also be a thing of the past. The Electrolux cooker hoods are must-haves for consumers looking for cleaner, stylish homes, especially homes with open kitchens. The Electrolux Silent Performance Hoods (EFC9563X, EFA9620X, EFC9561X) are powerful enough for everyday use yet operate at volumes no louder than a normal conversation. This means, you no longer need to raise your voice to be heard in the kitchen. Imagine, peaceful conversations, relaxing and quiet meal preparations at home. Look out too for the Electrolux Washer and Dryer pair with a unique Silent design that allows for a quieter wash.

Silent Performance Hood EFC9563X

The Electrolux Silent Performance Hood EFC9563X

Getting that quiet peaceful home you and your loved ones so deserve is not such a far-fetched dream is it? Why up your stress levels further at home when peace and quiet is so readily within reach with Electrolux?


The fact about the vacuum cleaner being the most irritating household noise is derived from the AEG-Electrolux Noise Report 2007. This was based on responses from 2000 respondents in 10 different countries, making it one of the largest surveys of its kind in Europe. The report was endorsed by the UK Noise Association.

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