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Secrets to Preparing Delicious Home-Cooked Meals Revealed!


Proper storage in your fridgeFreeze Meats to Retain Freshness

The Electrolux Asian Food Survey revealed a deep seated desire among working adults to have a good home-cooked meal. But the reality of a busy work life doesn’t allow for such a yearning.

60% of the 27,000 respondents surveyed were passionate about cooking but in the real world, being able to cook and dine in the comforts of their own home is a luxury few can afford.

With some planning and nifty technology, however, the dream of enjoying more home-cooked meals could be easier to realize than most think.

First, get your hands on some simple and easy to prepare recipes. Just surf the Internet for some ideas or speak to mum, an aunt or someone you know who cooks regularly for some neat tricks and inspiration.

Next, get the ingredients. A large part of a superb dish stems from the quality of the ingredients.  A common lament or challenge from wannabe cooks however is the lack of time to go to the market.

Well, that’s a thing of the past with technology. Electrolux technology, to be precise. While you still have to shop for your ingredients at the market or supermarket, you no longer have to do it on the day itself. With state-of-the-art Electrolux refrigerators, you can now store your ingredients for a few days and have them tasting just as fresh when it’s time to use them.

Proper Storage In Your Fridge

Proper Storage In Your Fridge

Finally, to save you precious time and energy on a busy workday, prepare in advance what you can. Get your sauces done earlier or marinate your meats in advance. This way, you will have foods that are full of flavour, even if you’ve just half an hour to do the cooking!

Freeze Meats To Retain Freshness

Freeze Meats To Retain Freshness

Prepare your sauces and marinates early and store them in your fridge. If you have an Electrolux refrigerator, you can rest assured knowing that the taste of your delicately thyme flavoured chicken will not be tainted by the hugely aromatic garlic sauce you made for use another time. Electrolux refrigerators come equipped with active Deo Fresh system of Dual Deodorisers that attract and absorb stray odours to help prevent food mixing. So go ahead and prepare your meat marinates and sauces in advance. This will help to save you much time in the kitchen With trusty appliances and  proper planning, you’ll be enjoying great home-cooked meals with your loved ones everyday.

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