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Hands off those greasy dishes with the Real Life Dishwasher


Electrolux Real Life Dishwasher

Ask any host what he or she dreads after a dinner party and the   dreaded clean up will inevitably come up.  Greasy pots and pans, food stained dishes, glasses and cutlery.  The list goes on. Who wants to get stuck cleaning up the after-dinner mess when everyone else has gone home?

Yet getting a dishwasher to do the washing isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind for most consumers. The concern that dishes won’t be thoroughly clean even after copious amount of water has been used is one of the chief reasons why some consumers have resisted bringing the dishwasher into their homes.

Real Life Dishwasher

Electrolux Real Life Dishwasher

Historically, the designs of dishwashers have been far from ideal. Designers have for many years assumed that you can neatly arrange your dishes into standard rows so that every piece will be evenly washed out. But trying to organise and place your plates, bowls and drinking glasses strategically so that every piece can be cleaned is a challenge that would frustrate anyone. And usually, there is little space left for anything else once your huge pot or frying pan goes in.

But that’s the past. Today, there is a ‘Real Life Dishwasher’ that has been designed to address this very problem. Recognising that in reality, not all pots, pans, plates, bowls and cups can fit into tidy neat rows in the racks of your dishwasher, and be cleaned out equally well, the team at Electrolux has come up with an ingenious solution.

Electrolux’s Real Life Dishwasher comes equipped with a unique twin axis FlexiSpray arm. This clever spray ensures water is efficiently and effectively distributed to provide the best cleaning performance of any tested dishwasher in the market. Seven months of research and testing alone was spent on perfecting this system. And that’s not all.

The Real Life Dishwasher also has a large XXL tub to hold 10 litres more than the standard dishwasher without increasing the size of the machine! So now you can create that gastronomic feast with your favourite pots and pans and have them washed along with everything else after your dinner party.

Enjoy a happier life in your kitchen with the Real Life Dishwasher as you whip up even more family feasts for you and your loved ones.

Other cool features of the Electrolux Real Life Dishwasher:

  1. Real Life Baskets – adjustable to give you the space you need
  2. Energy Smart – uses only energy and water needed to get every load spotless
  3. Silent Technology – turn it on and head right to bed, you won’t be disturbed
  4. Quick Wash – get brilliantly cleaned dishes in just 30 minutes

*The independent German test institute LGA asked 50 respondents to load 90 items of daily use as defined by the LGA. The respondents were asked questions for quantitative evaluation of handling/loadability of baskets. Cleaning & Drying tests were done on the 90 items of daily use and were evaluated based on a standard measurement (using EN methodology). The LGA confirmed that models from the Real Life range were optimized for better loading and cleaning results under daily use conditions than any other tested dishwasher.

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