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Steam, grill and bake marvellous meals with your microwave


The answer to Asian consumers’ desire to enjoy more home-cooked meals may lie with the understated microwave oven. Today’s advanced microwave ovens can help you whip up meals at a touch of a button, pre-programmed buttons that is. With the right microwave oven, whipping up delicious meals will take far less time and a lot less effort.

Yet, many today are underutilising their microwave ovens, choosing only to use it for defrosting and reheating pre-packed or leftover food. A real pity considering entire meals can actually be made without the mess and sweat that comes with cooking for the family.

Built-In Microwave With Grill

Built-In Microwave With Grill

Did you know that using a microwave oven doesn’t heat up your kitchen the way a traditional oven or a regular cook top does?  And, unlike boiling or frying, nutrients in foods are better retained when cooked in a microwave. Microwave meals don’t need to be soggy or bland. When done right, food cooked in a microwave oven is tasty and healthy as little or no oil is needed – giving you only the best natural flavours and colours.

A microwave oven works by making the water, sugar and fat molecules vibrate. These vibrations produce heat to cook your meats and vegetables. Foods with high water content like fish and other seafood cook extremely well in a microwave oven.

Besides steaming fish, prawns and crabs, or braising meats like beef or lamb, Electrolux’s stylish and clever combi microwave ovens (EMS26415X & EMS2048X) can also bake and grill. Get ready to serve up a nicely browned baked chicken or a crispy pork knuckle with your microwave oven. Even condiments like toasted sesame seeds, silver fish, crunchy croutons and crispy bacon bits can be done minus the grease.

To get the best results from your microwave, keep these four tips in mind:

Check the wattage of your microwave oven as it affects cooking times. Simply add or take away a couple of minutes from the recipe’s recommended cooking time, depending on your microwave oven’s wattage. Refer to the manual for tips and suggestions.

To ensure an evenly cooked dish, cut up the meat and vegetables into uniform sizes and shapes, just like dishes served in restaurants. With each piece almost similar in thickness and size, you can be sure that that every piece will be cooked evenly.

If the dish has meats or vegetables that are thinly sliced, place them at the centre of the dish as they cook a lot faster. Foods that are thicker should be placed lining the dish. The corners or sides of casseroles receive more energy in a microwave. Arranging food pieces right will prevent undercooking or overcooking. Stirring also helps distribute heat evenly.

Covers can also help hold in steam for fast and even cooking. Simply cover your dish with microwave safe plastic or waxed paper to steam your food. To prevent splatter, use paper towels as covers to absorb moisture.

With these simple tips, grab a recipe of your favourite dish now and enjoy fuss-free cooking with the microwave. But be warned, cooking with your microwave oven is so simple, and the results so stunning, you may just be hooked to your microwave oven!

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