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Lux 1 - The First Ever Home Vacuum CleanerThe 1960's LuxomaticTribolite - The Amazing Robotic Vacuum CleanerErgorapido - Sleek, Powerful and Ergonomically designed stick vacuum

Unlike Darwin’s theory of evolution, there really is nothing natural about how the trusty vacuum cleaner has evolved over time. In fact, it all started in 1908, when a Swedish businessman by the name of Axel Wenner-Gren was out walking in Vienna, and caught sight of an awkward-looking vacuum cleaner in a shop window and resolved to find a way to make it accessible for everyone to use in their home.

Lux 1 - The First Ever Home Vacuum Cleaner

Lux 1 – The First Ever Home Vacuum Cleaner

The first vacuum cleaner, the Lux 1 was launched in 1912 and while still bulky and heavy, it was already a breakthrough even then, and so its popularity grew. But never taking the consumer for granted, Electrolux quickly developed Model V, a step away from the cumbersome towards an easier to use home vacuum cleaner.

Functionality alone however didn’t quite cut it for the company. Constantly feeling the pulse of its consumers, the Z30 was created in 1938, and it quickly made a name for itself as “the Loaf”.  This was when the modern streamlined look became fashionable.  Even back then, Electrolux was ahead of its time. It had hired an internationally renowned industrial designer to shape one of the first vacuum cleaners in history with the emphasis on aesthetic appeal.

The 1960's Luxomatic

The 1960’s Luxomatic

Then another breakthrough came with the Luxomatic in 1964. This was the first of a new generation of vacuum cleaners that featured cord winders, self-sealing paper dust bags and dust indicators. The features reflected Electrolux’s strong tradition as a consumer-driven company, whose products showed a deep understanding of consumers’ needs and wants.

That may have been over four decades ago, but the Electrolux team’s ingenuity and commitment to its consumers never wavered. The world’s first prototype robotic vacuum cleaner was unveiled in 1997. The silent wish of countless people around the world was finally answered.

Tribolite - The Amazing Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Tribolite – The Amazing Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The sleek and streamlined modern piece of ingenuity can clean on its own and work its way around any room, manoeuvre quietly under beds, in the tightest corners, and can easily cope with cables on the floor.  Available since 2001, the Tribolite navigates using ultrasound so it won’t bump into furniture, turns itself off when the job is done, and even recharges unobtrusively at the charging station on its own.

Amazing as this latest innovation was, the team continued to develop other models of vacuum cleaners that consumers desired and needed due to changes in lifestyle and living environments.

Ergorapido - Sleek, Powerful and Ergonomically designed stick vacuum

Ergorapido – Sleek, Powerful and Ergonomically designed stick vacuum

For those living in compact city apartments and homes, the Ergorapido was created in 2004 with several updated versions introduced to date. The Ergorapido is a sleek, ergonomically designed stick vacuum with a powerful suction to thoroughly clean any home.

The Ultrasilencer - A Quiet, Powerful & Eco-friendly Vacuum Cleaner

The Ultrasilencer – A Quiet, Powerful & Eco-friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Then there are the Ultrasilencer vacuums that were designed for people desiring peace and quiet at home, especially since cleaning now takes place at all hours of the day, even late at night after a long day at work. These silent machines are so quiet, sleep tests by Electrolux have shown that people can actually sleep with this vacuum cleaner turned on in the same room.

Never losing touch with the concerns of its consumers, Electrolux has also developed Eco-friendly vacuums that are not only made of recyclable plastic but also consume far less energy without compromising on its suction power.

And this evolution is set to continue with the most recent launch of a brand new corded stick vacuum cleaner, the Dynamica, providing consumers with yet another great cleaning option for their homes.

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