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The Battle of the Bloggers is now on in the “Doom of The Broom” Contest


Doom of the Broom

The stage was set on 1 April as the Philippines kicked-off its first ever battle of the bloggers. A group of bloggers were invited to showcase their creative prowess, and they rose to the challenge. Their task was to blog about ending decades of misery trying to sweep their homes clean.


Titled the “Doom of the Broom” contest, each blogger had to write about their worst experiences with the broom.  They were also encouraged to use other forms of creative mediums to engage readers and make their blog entries stand out.  Catch the on-going drama and action unfold in words, photos and videos on Electrolux’s Facebook page, The Little White Book.

The contest has been a showcase of incredible talent and creativity, as evident in the entries that came through. Several bloggers even poured their hearts out through skilfully done comic strips that were colourful yet effective in bringing home their message that the broom needs to go.

Judges will choose the winners based on storyline (30%), creativity (30%) and popularity (40%). Popularity is based on the number of blog likes and comments from unique visitors. The contest period has now been extended to 27 April to give even more bloggers the opportunity to get their stories out there.

All top qualifiers will be invited to attend a grand finale with 10 winners being chosen to receive the coveted sleek and powerful Electrolux Dynamica vacuum cleaner. And from these top 10 entries, the Grand Prize winner will receive an additional special prize!

So banish the broom and make that switch to the Electrolux Dynamica vacuum cleaner today. Don’t just take our word for it, read the blogs and be amazed at how easy and clean your home can get, without the usual sweat and dust that comes with sweeping. The Dynamica vacuum could truly spell the doom of the broom.

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