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Dream of a Greener Singapore on World Environment Day

Spare a thought for our forests today, our grandchildren’s lives may depend on it.

Wok-a-Holic Fiesta tosses up winning recipes

One doesn’t have to be a professional chef to be a master in the kitchen. Especially not when it’s an Electrolux kitchen.

Myths debunked: Five things you should know about your microwave

Despite having been in homes for over 50 years, the microwave is still considered the black sheep of many kitchens. No matter how shiny the surface or how nifty the features are, the myths surrounding this household appliance continue to be spread with little understanding of the facts.

Portable Induction Cooktops – More than just steamboats

A new method of cooking from the electric age, induction cooking involves using a copper coil under an iron cooking pot to create a magnetic field. This field induces an electric current in the pot, producing heat quickly. Induction cooking is seen as a safer and more energy-efficient way to cook as compared to the open flames of the traditional gas stoves.

Spot, snap and win with the Electrolux Spa van

Time to relax and unwind as the Electrolux Spa experience rolls into a venue near you. This special spa on wheels has been providing much welcome relief to many shoppers in the Philippines since the Holy Week holidays in April and is making its rounds till the end of this month.

Spacious, quality cooking with freestanding cookers

So your built-in cooking unit has served you well since you moved in five, ten or even fifteen years ago. It’s helped you whip up countless delicious meals you and your family have loved.

Celebrating 50 years of design – Scott King’s take on the Milan Furniture Fair 2011

It was a week where beauty met utility in the city of Milan. Associated with of the arts, culture, fashion and design, the city saw more than 2,700 companies exhibiting their latest designs at the 50th Milan Furniture Fair – the largest trade show of its kind – to more than 300,000 trade visitors.

The quick guide to enhancing your favourite coffee experience

Brewing an espresso is like conducting an election – everyone has an opinion on what makes a good cuppa.

Electrolux’s Think Eco Challenge throws up winning chic and green designs

They came, they recycled, they conquered. Oil barrels, used vehicle tyres and plastic bottles were given a new lease of life by student teams at the recently concluded Electrolux Malaysia Think Eco Challenge.

More small wonders that have changed our lives

We may take great pleasure at grand romantic gestures like the World Wonder that is the Taj Mahal but it’s the small wonders in life that get us through the mundaneness of day to day living. Small appliances have made huge strides in improving our quality of life, and in this second instalment on small appliances, we look at how the electric toaster and blender have made happier homemakers .