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Fifteen minutes to a cleaner bedroom



The bedroom. Our final refuge after a long, hard day. The one place where we can relax in total privacy.


Messy bedrooms aren’t just unpleasant to the eye, they can cause restlessness without you being conscious of it. The clutter can be more than physical – a messy room can disrupt your focus and add to stress levels.


The good news is, it doesn’t actually take much to keep your bedroom from looking like the store room. Here’s a quick guide to finding your bedroom floor in 15 minutes:

Minute 1: Put on your music

Music is a time-honoured method of keeping the cleaning blues away. Focusing on the songs can help take your mind off what your hands are doing, making the chore less of a drudgery.

Minute 2 – 3: Pick up dirty clothing and put it in your clothes hamper

Just grab and throw. You’re not doing laundry yet, so leave the rolled up socks and inside-out pants to when you’re in the laundry room.

Minute 4 – 5: Re-fold or re-hang clean clothes

Or should there be too much to deal with at the moment, find a clean spot like the bed or a chair you use often, and leave them there for re-hanging when you have time. Putting them in prominent spots you utilise daily will remind you to do so.

Minute 6 – 8: If it’s trash, bin it

We’re talking the obvious trash, not things you’ll want to sort through like old magazines and clothes. That’ll need to be saved for a day when you have more time.

Minute  9 – 11: Put things where they belong

Put items back in their proper places. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned, chances are there’re plenty of misplaced items piled up in different areas, in addition to items that belong elsewhere in the house.

If there are too many misplaced items in the room, you can put them all in one location or container to sort through later. Same with items that belong in other rooms, rather than replacing them one by one.

Minute 12-13: Make your bed

Sure, it’ll be back where you started in a few hours, but a made bed does at least make the look of the room less messy and cluttered.

Minute 14 – 15: Suck it up!

Cool Ergorapido Range

Electrolux Ergorapido Range

Now that most of the items should be off the floor or gathered in one location, take a vacuum cleaner and quickly run it through the parts of the room you can reach without having to move furniture. This is where vacuum cleaners such as the Electrolux Egorapido shines, as this cordless mobile appliance is designed for easy handling. A handheld vacuum cleaner can be detached from the device for hard to reach areas of the room.

And voila! A bedroom tidy enough to relax in. To help maintain a tidy bedroom, remember to:

  • Take a few minutes to make your bed and put your items and clothes away every day.
  • Change your sheets, vacuum and mop your floors, take out the trash and clean dusty surfaces every week

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