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Portable Induction Cooktops – More than just steamboats


The Electrolux ETD32D/R/W Portable Induction Cooker: simple but versatile.Portable induction cookers keep your chocolate fondues like a good relationship: warm, consistent and a joy to savour.

A new method of cooking from the electric age, induction cooking involves using a copper coil under an iron cooking pot to create a magnetic field. This field induces an electric current in the pot, producing heat quickly. Induction cooking is seen as a safer and more energy-efficient way to cook as compared to  the open flames of the traditional gas stoves.

It’s cleaner as well. The flat surface of induction cookers make them a dream to clean quickly, especially since the only thing that’s heated in the process is the cooking vessel itself.


The Electrolux ETD32D/R/W Portable Induction Cooker: simple but versatile.

Induction cookers spread heat consistently throughout the vessel especially if the latter is made  with  a good heat conducting material. In addition, they allow chefs to adjust the cooking temperature instantly. This precision and consistency makes it ideal for whipping up delicate culinary creations  such as sauces.

A common use for portable induction cookers in many Asian homes is using it for a steamboat meal. Understandable since such cooktops boil water faster than other traditional cooking methods, allowing hungry diners to cook their raw meats quicker.

There are, however, other versatile uses to which such mobile cookers can take centre stage  other than steamboats with the family. Their mobility makes them an ideal complement for vacations to holiday chalets or camp cabins with electrical outlets to spare.

Dishes such as stews, pastas and curries take advantage of the induction cooker’s ability to boil liquids quickly and maintain a consistent temperature throughout. The ability of the portable induction cooker to maintain a consistent temperature gives it another function perfect for entertaining guests at home. It can keep cooked food at perfect serving temperatures, in place of less reliable traditional buffet burners.

Living in dorm rooms where hot plates are not allowed? Induction cookers can perform their heating functions and more without compromising on safety. And they keep the coffee warm during those all-night cram sessions.

Those living in studio apartments with cramped cooking areas will also find this relatively pint-sized stove handy, without having to compromise on their cravings for stir-fry.


Portable induction cookers keep your chocolate fondues like a good relationship: warm, consistent and a joy to savour.
Photo Credit:
Luigi Diamanti

Or perhaps indulge their other halves with a romantic chocolate fondue. Like any good relationship, the portable induction cooker can be used to uniformly melt and maintain a consistently warm, sweet experience. All you’ll need to worry about are the sour grapes.

Models such as the Electrolux ETD32D/R/W Portable Induction Cooker encapsulate all the advantages of portable induction cooktops.

Its one knob control allows users to choose one of nine power levels, up to a maximum of 2,000W. Portable and lightweight, with a 2.5m long power cord, this mobile cooker can be used in any part of the house. And after the guests have gone, the safe-to-touch ceramic glass top surface can be immediately and easily cleaned.

So put out the fires and plug in this all-rounder. The portable induction cooker is one household addition that will save you from the heat.

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