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Spacious, quality cooking with freestanding cookers


The EKM9659X freestanding cooker comes with all the basic features, utility and power of a built-in cooker.The EKG6646 freestanding cooker offers safety features that prevent gas leaks.

So your built-in cooking unit has served you well since you moved in five, ten or even fifteen years ago. It’s helped you whip up countless delicious meals you and your family have loved.

Then, one day, the burner stops working. Deciding that it’s time for a new cooker, you take off for the shops, only to find a limited range of built-in units that would fill the space left behind and the ones that do lack the features you would prefer to have.

If only you had used a freestanding cooker.


The EKM9659X freestanding cooker comes with all the basic features, utility and power of a built-in cooker.

As their name suggests, freestanding cookers are sturdy standalone units usually consisting of an oven, a cooking hob on top and sometimes a grill. They offer the same cooking functions as a built-in unit, frying, grilling, roasting and baking with little difference in performance.

Available in an array of shapes and sizes, freestanding cookers offer lots of versatility in any kitchen’s layout. More mobile and compact than a built-in cooker, they can be placed anywhere there is floor space and handle most of your cooking needs.

This makes them a boon to those with small kitchens or who require flexibility with moving their cooking unit. Should any problems arise, they are easier to repair or replace than built-in stoves. They can also be a great addition to a patio or balcony for those who enjoy a spot of outdoor cooking.

Other than providing the flexibility of choosing a cooking unit that best serves your cooking style, modern freestanding cookers using gas or electricity can provide more power savings.

Electrolux’s freestanding cookers are known for their energy efficiency – with models like the EKC607601X given an AA energy rating for its energy efficiency.

These cookers also come with a variety of safety features. Some come with sensors that automatically cut off the gas supply when the flame is off, others with glass lids that cut the gas when closed, and triple-glazed oven doors that ensure the external temperature of the unit does not burn little hands.


The EKG6646 freestanding cooker offers safety features that prevent gas leaks

Then there are the little touches such as the one step fire ignition found in models like the EKG6646X, in addition to the heat dissipation fan in its oven and electronic controls utilising LCD displays, giving freestanding cooking a modern touch.

Some tips on acquiring a freestanding cooker:

  • Size Matters – Freestanding cookers come in three standard widths: 50cm, 55cm and 60cm. Always check that the space in your kitchen can accommodate the cooker.
  • Insulate contact surfaces – If possible, install heat resistant materials near the freestanding cooker. The wall behind it should be fireproofed.
  • Better safe than sorry – Do not put the cooker on a platform but find a way to secure the cooker to the wall behind, such as using a fitting chain. 
  • Buy safe – Purchase your cooker from a reputable dealer who can provide accurate information on features such as voltages and electric capacity.

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