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Make your laundry woes vanish with Electrolux’s vapour action washer

Wash, fold and iron. These simple words carry much dread for most of us especially when it’s multiplied several times over for those needing to do the laundry for the whole family.

Small wonders that have changed our lives

The Great Wall can be seen from space and the Leaning Tower of Pisa may be an architectural miracle, but they don’t make your morning coffee or de-wrinkle your clothes in minutes. The wonders of the world may awe and inspire, but the small appliance has done wonders in making a difference in the everyday lives of millions, largely unnoticed.

Fifteen minutes to a cleaner bedroom

The bedroom. Our final refuge after a long, hard day. The one place where we can relax in total privacy.

Mothers: Worth their weight in gold

What is mum worth? After all, they’ve taken care of our every need, be it material or emotional. From food and shelter to love and advice, mothers have proven themselves absolutely priceless to their children.