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Laundry dryer myths debunked

Always wanted a laundry dryer but afraid of the myths you’ve heard? Let’s look at the four common myths of using a laundry dryer and find out if they’re really true.

Minimising your carbon footprint at home

The greenhouse effect is not just a consequence of the actions of large organisations. Everything we consume leaves what the environmentalists like to call a ‘carbon footprint’.

Four easy and healthy snacks that kids would love

In this age of television and video games, kids tend to reach for the easiest thing to snack on while indulging in 21st century entertainment at home. Unfortunately, the easiest thing at hand is usually a packet of potato chips or a soft drink.

How to help your kids grow up green

Our children shall inherit the earth, so let’s help them grow up to be more eco-friendly. It may take years, or even generations to see the fruits of environmental initiatives in repairing the damage done to deforested areas or the Ozone. So there’s no time like the present to start preserving our world for future generations.

Best Asian Design Concepts shine in Design Lab 2011

The finals of the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 are underway, with 25 design concepts revolving around the theme “Intelligent Mobility”. Eight finalists will be chosen in July to present their concepts to a jury of expert designers in London later this year, and only one will walk away with a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre and 5,000 Euros.

Electrolux Design Lab’s Top 25 Semi-Finalists unveiled

Introducing the world’s smallest microwave oven, compact cleaners and a bouncing blender – 25 Electrolux Design Lab semi-finalists provide ‘Intelligent Mobility’ solutions for domestic appliances utilising existing technology.

Refuse reused in Vacs from the Sea exhibition

Much like how the first life forms emerged from the sea, so have the vacuum cleaners in the ‘Vacs from the Sea’ collection given recyclable plastics salvaged from the ocean a new lease of life. And helping to sustain ours in the process.

Want to get your kids more involved around the house? Here are some tips to get them started

The mid-year holidays are here again and what is a parent to do with all that extra cleaning and washing that come with having their boisterous (but still much loved!) little ones tearing through the house all day long?

Bloggers usher in the Doom of the Broom

They have served humanity well for centuries, but all good things must come to an end. Not to mention make way for a better, brighter and more efficient next generation. The humble broom met its doom in 10 winning bloggers’ homes at the conclusion of Electrolux’s Doom of the Broom blogging contest in May. Open […]

Shaping the world through design

It produced Abba and some great meatballs, but chances are that when you think of Sweden, great design is the first association that comes to mind.