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Best Asian Design Concepts shine in Design Lab 2011


Robo TAPThe Ozel Kinetic BlenderWaveThe Take-Away Steward

The finals of the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 are underway, with 25 design concepts revolving around the theme “Intelligent Mobility”.  Eight finalists will be chosen in July to present their concepts to a jury of expert designers in London later this year, and only one will walk away with a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre and 5,000 Euros.

Of the 25 finalists from 14 countries, 10 of them are from the Asia-Pacific region.   We look at how these four Asian concepts could change the way we do housework.

The Robo TAP

Country: South Korea

Designer: Gyu Ha Choi

School: Handong Global University


You don’t even have to call for it – the Robo Tap vacuum cleaner automatically comes with just two taps of your foot.

It’s a gadget Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep from Mary Poppins would’ve loved.   A robotic vacuum cleaner that comes to heel with just a few taps from your feet.

While most robotic vacuum cleaners mindlessly hum around looking for its next target, the Robo TAP uses an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) combined with a remote control attached to the user’s footwear.

Simply go to the dirty spot, tap twice on it with your shoe and it’s Robo TAP to the rescue! And say goodbye to achy backs as there’s no longer a need to bend over or lift furniture to get  this dust bunny under the sofa.

The Ozel Kinetic Blender

Country: Malaysia

Designer: Uzair B. Abdul Rashid

School: Universiti Teknologi MARA


Shake, blend and go anywhere with the Ozel Kinetic Blender, which is powered by kinetic energy generated via shaking the removable handle

Shake that blender, people! The Ozel Kinetic Blender is an eco-friendly, energy saving blender that does away with the electrical cord and uses  kinetic batteries that  recharge simply by movement.   Specifically, the user removes the handle and shakes it to generate the electrical juice needed to operate the blender.

Besides reducing your carbon footprint, this blender also has the distinct advantages of being compact and mobile. Here’s to freshly-made dips and smoothies even while you’re on the road.


Country: South Korea

Designer: Kim Min Seok

School: Seoul National University of Technology & Science

Wave 2

This intelligent stain remover could be the wave of smart cleaning in the future, saving parents everywhere hours of scrubbing

Washing technology enters the space age with the Wave washing assistant.   Shaped like a spaceship from Star Trek, the Wave is intelligent enough to help identify the severity of a stain, pre-wash it and then communicate with your washing machine remotely for the best results.   It’ll even determine the minimum amount of water and detergents needed for extra efficiency.

And that’s just half of what it does. Stubborn stains pose no barrier to the Wave, which can apply ultrasound and water to stains, as well as use hot air to dry as required. That’s a lot of features to pack in one nifty handheld device.  We’re sure there’ll be even more  thankful mothers who won’t  need to spend hours trying to scrub food stains off shirts anymore.

The Take-Away Steward

Country: China

Designer: Qin Haitao Qin

School: Liaoning University of Technology


Takeaway food taken to the next level, this mobile food postbox lets you get your delivered food warm and fresh anywhere, anytime.

Da Bao (chinese for takeaway) made easy.

Inspired by the postbox, the Steward is designed to keep take-away food fresh anywhere until you can collect it.   An integrated electronic system allows you to pre-order your food and set a password for the delivery man.  The box is made of a solar panel-coated material that gives this mobile food warmer all the power it needs.

So no more waiting around for the delivery man or coming back to cold food, the Steward has it covered.

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