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How to help your kids grow up green


Let your kids see the world the way you want to see itHelp your child enjoy the world more, and involve them in outdoor activities

Our children shall inherit the earth, so let’s help them grow up to be more eco-friendly.  It may take years, or even generations to see the fruits of environmental initiatives in repairing the damage done to deforested areas or  the Ozone.  So there’s no time like the present to start  preserving our world for future generations.

Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer in the problems of climate change and global warming, the fact remains that the earth has a limited amount of resources which need to be conserved and protected by reducing, reusing and recycling.

In this age of mass consumption, it’s more important than ever to help our kids develop a ‘green attitude’ and  lifestyle which hopefully, will stick with them as they get older.  And the earlier they are exposed to ‘green behaviours’, the better.  Perhaps you can start with the three E’s:  Expose, Educate and Engage.

Expose your kids to good environmentally-friendly habits.   Walk instead of drive where possible.  Use re-usable containers for water and juices instead of buying new pre-packaged drinks. Teach them to turn off lights, electronic toys and games when they are not in use.


Let your kids see the world the way you want to see it
Photo Credit:
David Wiberg

Better yet, take them camping, or to the zoo, local nature park or trail to learn more about the different kinds of flora and fauna that make up the world around them.   Let them observe the plants and animals and teach them about the importance of treating nature with care and respect.

Educate by example. When taking out or sorting through the trash, sort out the recyclables like plastic containers, cans and newspapers in front of them.   Explain to them what you are doing and why. If they are older, get  them to help out.   Show them where the recycling bins are.


Help your child enjoy the world more, and involve them in outdoor activities
Photo Credit: Jake Chua

Grow plants in your home.  If you have the space, grow a garden. Ask your kids which are their favourite flowers or vegetables and involve them in the project.  Explain how plants grow and teach them to care for them.

Engage them with action. You could start with art and crafts.  Get them involved in the ‘Dreaming of a Greener Singapore’ activity and show off their creativity by painting, drawing or crayoning their visions of what they hope a green Singapore will be like in the future.  Or, simply use products in your home that are eco-friendly.   It might be easier than you think. Many companies like Electrolux are committed to innovating and promoting green products, such as the Eco-Range of appliances that are energy and water efficient. Dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of sustainable appliances, the company has embarked on numerous green initiatives like using recycled plastics  in building vacuum cleaners.

A green and sustainable  planet they will grow up to inherit  is something worth passing down to future generations.  Let’s start today.

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