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Laundry dryer myths debunked


Why not let your dryer help with your ironing?Electrolux dryers all come with positive energy savings ratings from countries around the region.

Always wanted a laundry dryer but afraid of the myths you’ve heard? Let’s look at the four common myths of using a laundry dryer and find out if they’re really true.

1: Dryers shrink your clothes

High temperature from heat drying is the culprit behind the shrinkage of clothes, especially cotton fabrics. A

nother reason is the lack of moisture in fibres that comes from over-drying clothes.

To prevent shrinking of fabrics, use a low setting temperature and remove clothes from the dryer while they’re still slightly damp.

2: Wrinkled clothes as a result of the dryer

Wrinkled clothes are a result of the clothes being left in the dryer longer than they should be. In fact, a dryer is the secret to providing a wrinkle-free wardrobe! Simply place your rumpled clothes into the dryer with a damp towel and a fabric softener sheet. Using a low temperature setting, let the clothes tumble in the dryer for a few minutes and then remove immediately.


Why not let your dryer help with your ironing?

3: Dryers cause rusty streaks on clothes

The brown grease or rusty marks are actually caused by a worn glide or seal in the dryer. When the seal fails, oil floats up into the wash water in the form of small black drops. All you have to do is to replace the worn-out glide or seal in the dryer. Another reason could be the result of your dryer sheets leaving deposits on your laundry. Replacing them with new ones should solve the problem.

4: Dryers will lead to expensive bills

It’s common knowledge that the dryer consumes the most amount of energy after the refrigerator. However, there are ways to cut back on the energy usage of your dryer.

EDI97170W-Iron Aid

Electrolux dryers all come with positive energy savings ratings from countries around the region.

An important step to take note of before purchasing a dryer is to check the efficiency features that it’s equipped with.

Electrolux produces two types of dryers, the Venting Dryer and the Condensing Dryer. A venting dryer requires space to vent the air, or an open window near the dryer unit. However, if space is a concern, the Condensing Dryer would be better for integrated or built-in kitchens or laundry areas.

Also, Electrolux dryers come with positive energy saving ratings from countries in the region making it a more efficient choice to help you save on your monthly bills. It also features a one-of-a-kind system that uses vapour action to remove up to 50% more creases than a conventional dryer, reducing the need to iron your clothes before wearing them.

Additionally, an auto-sensing function is equipped in all of Electrolux’s dryers like the EDC67550W Condenser Dryer or EDE77550W Venting Dryer. This intelligent feature helps reduce your power usage by measuring the right amount of time needed to dry your clothes. With this capability, you can also say goodbye to wrinkled or shrunken clothes!

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