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Electrolux Design Lab’s top eight innovations off to London


RibbonRobo TAP CleanerSmoobo BlenderMobile Induction Heat PlateOnda Portable MicrowaveSpot CleanerSalvé Bagel ToasterSous-vide Cell cooker

The final lap is in sight for eight designers in the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 competition. Centred on the theme “Intelligent Mobility”, the young innovators beat out 1,300 entrants from more than fifty countries to win a trip to London for this year’s final, to be held on 7 September 2011.

Hailing from Australia, Canada, Finland, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Korea and the USA, the eight finalists and their concepts will be presented by Electrolux at the Room Home Intelligence conference in London, which offers expert trend prediction, future consumer behavioural insight and global market intelligence specifically tailored for home product buyers, designers and retailers.

The first prize winner walks away with a six-month paid internship at the Electrolux global design centre and 5,000 Euros. Second and third prize winners receive 3,000 and 2,000 Euros respectively.

Country: Australia
Designer: Enzo Kocak

This is one innovation that could boast of being able to do it all. An all-in-one hotplate, warming device and cooler, this mobile device can be wrapped around any food or drink container for heating or chilling. Using convenient controls on the side, the black side provides heat, whereas the white cools. You can curl it up, take it with you, fold it out and even puzzle together to use as a hotplate. Whilst not in use, the thermoelectric cell battery can also reverse the charging process to convert excess heat into electricity.

Robo TAP Cleaner
Country: South Korea
Designer: Gyu Ha Choi

The sole entry representing Asia is a smart evolution of the robotic vacuum cleaner used to target an exact area for cleaning with a tap of your foot. Using a simple remote control attached to the footwear of the user, automated cleaning can be over-ridden with a simple tap of your foot. Two taps on a dirty spot directs the Robo TAP to the precise area, two more cancels the order and three taps returns the vacuum cleaner to regular cleaning.

Smoobo Blender
Country: New Zealand
Designer: Roseanne de Bruin

Let your kids make their smoothies the fun and easy way. Simply put all your favourite ingredients inside the rubber ball, shut the knob tightly and start bouncing it around. The bounce in itself activates the kinetic batteries that in turn make the rotor blades spin, resulting in a perfectly blended smoothie. The Smoobo surface is made of uneven rubber knobs that will make the bounce even more fun as you’ll never know which direction the Smoobo will take.

Mobile Induction Heat Plate
Country: Finland
Designer: Tommi Moilanen

This smart induction hot plate is a great compact solution for those on the go. Paired with a smartphone app to be used with intelligent food packaging, the heat plate can be placed wherever you want and activated with the smartphone. The plate is designed with a wooden handle for easy carrying and storage, and can be hung on the wall while its battery is being charged.

Onda Portable Microwave
Country: USA
Designer: Matthew Schwartz
It’s a microwave in your pocket. Pre-prepared meals are placed in compatible food packages that allow the Onda to be slid onto them. The interior of the handheld device is made with aluminium and creates a circuit connection when the seal of the packaging is broken. The Onda uses paper batteries, making it a simple, intelligent, portable and eco-friendly mobile heating device.

Spot Cleaner
Country: Slovakia
Designer: Adrian Mankovecky

Now you can truly travel light. This portable washing machine uses negative ion and steam to banish stains and odors. Simply pull the two components apart and place it on either side of the stained area of the garment. Powered by a sugar crystal battery, the device comes with four pre-installed cleaning programs for quick and easy use anywhere in the world.

Salvé Bagel Toaster
Country: Canada
Designer: Kent Madden

Why wait? Toast your breakfast bagel on the go. Simply place a bagel in the toaster and it will automatically start rotating. When happy with the color of the freshly toasted bagel, remove and enjoy. The toaster runs on sugar crystal batteries or recharges on a ceramic dock using induction.

Sous-vide Cell cooker
Country: Hungary
Designer: Adam Miklosi

Inspired by the professional trend of slow food cooking, the Sous-vide will cook delicious healthy food at pre-indicated times and comes with personalised internet and smartphone software that helps you plan your food menu a week ahead. Ingredients are sealed in airtight plastic bags and held within a water bath at an accurately determined temperature and much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 60 °C or 140 °F. This maintains the integrity of ingredients and achieves a very precise control over cooking.

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