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The quick guide to universal oven symbols


The EOC69400X Inspiro multifunction oven is an intelligent device programmed to cook over 300 recipes from professional chefs.

Ovens are a great cooking partner in the kitchen, allowing you to bake, grill, roast and steam your way to a multitude of culinary delights.  But sometimes, figuring out how to use that sophisticated new oven can be a challenge initially.


The EOC69400X Inspiro multifunction oven is an intelligent device programmed to cook over 300 recipes from professional chefs.

Modern multi-function ovens such as the Electrolux EOC69400X Inspiro oven can be a cook’s best friend, offering a plethora of cooking options with 300 recipes built into its programming to achieve professional results right in your home. However, given the abundance of options and general lack of space on ovens for a user interface, manufacturers have developed symbols for each function that are more or less universal to most modern ovens.

The only problem being, some of the codes can be hard to crack at first glance. We decipher some of the common symbols:

ovengrillOven grill: The grilling element is usually situated at the top of the oven and is represented by wavy lines in the symbol. One line usually means a part, or centre grill where the heat is aimed at a localised area in the centre. This is more efficient for small quantities of food. When there are double lines, it means that heat is distributed over the entire grill element of the oven.

Turbo GrillTurbo grill: This symbol states that the upper heating element and the grill element are activated simultaneously, so heat is spread throughout the oven and radiated over the grill’s surface area. This method is more gentle as food takes a little longer to cook, but allows larger quantities of food to be cooked together.  Foods which can be cooked well using turbo grills include roast turkeys and soufflés.  Other advantages of turbo grilling include minimising smells in the kitchen.

Conventional cookingConventional cooking topConventional cooking bottomConventional oven cooking: The top and lower heating elements are turned on with this symbol. Without the fan in operation, heat naturally travels to the centre via conduction. This mode is particularly suited to baking pastries.

Conventional oven cooking symbols which have only one line at the top or bottom mean that the heating element is only there. They are suited to dishes which require extra browning on the top or bottom, such as gratins, pies, quiches and lasagne.

Oven fan cookingOven fan cooking: This turns on a circular heating element surrounding the fan, and the fan itself. Air is drawn towards the heating element around the fan and the hot air is forced back throughout the oven. This heats up the oven up rapidly and is suitable for cooking larger quantities of food such as roast lamb and beef, which need to be tender or rare on the inside and well done on the outside.

Pizza ModePizza mode: The setting for pizza lovers, where the upper and lower elements operate with the oven fan, ensuring a perfect pizza with a crispy base. Other foods requiring its base to be browned and crispy can be cooked with this mode

DefrostDefrost: Usually, this turns on the oven fan without the heating element. The movement of air without heat speeds up defrosting times and are recommended for delicate frozen foods such as cakes with icing, scones and meats like fish and poultry.

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