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Designs we never saw: The weird and wonderful world of Electrolux Design Lab


ShazerShazer 23 in 1 KitchenHover Kitchen

For every winner in the history of innovation, there are a lot more ideas that just didn’t quite make the mark. Like Leonardo Da Vinci’s early flying machines, some were simply odd-looking stepping stones paving the way to life-changing inventions. Others, such as a Sonic Teenager Deterrent or a washing machine for pets, leave us scratching our heads, wondering what could have inspired these attempts to make reality more hilarious than fiction.

When it comes to a design competition like the Electrolux Design Lab with 1,300 entries from all over the world, there are bound to be both wonders and curiosities in abundance.

As part of the organising team for the annual design competition, Mr Tom Astin, Electrolux’s PR Studio Manager admits, the ones that did get in met the team of designers’ criteria of “response to the brief, creativity and imagination, and ability to communicate”.  However, picking 25 semi-finalists out of thousands of entries means having “a few that just missed out”.

But that’s part of the joy of being involved in a global design competition, said Astin: “It’s about the response from people all over the world and how they bring their own cultural nuances into these concepts that could possibly play an important role in our future.  It’s great to see such applied imagination – every year, there’s something that makes you smile.  A lot actually!”

We look at three concepts that made us smile, or wonder what might have been:

The Shazer

ShazerShazer 2

Man up with the Shazer, which shaves your facial hair, then regrows it in the way you want.

Have you ever thought about what you could do with all that facial hair you shave off in the morning? How about reapplying it your way with a Bio-Regen facial hair growth accelerator? Handlebar moustaches, goatees, horseshoes – have it your way. The Shazer even comes with a facial recognition sensor and millions of customised presets for any facial hair style for when hairy meets his Sally.

Ladies are advised to use this with caution. And perhaps a bit of discretion.

3-in 1 Breakfast Maker

3 in 1 kitchen

The 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker seeks to address your breakfast needs in one hot, compact package

It’s an appliance Inspector Gadget would love. Taking a cue from the printer market, the 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker really does it all.  Suited to the space-challenged, this one appliance incorporates a Microwave, sandwich maker, toaster and six programmes that’ll defrost, cook and reheat everything from Pizza to Popcorn.  Clueless guests trying to photocopy their books in the sandwich maker aside, the 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker might be handy to have in a kitchen.  Just make contingency plans for brunch in case of appliance malfunction.

Hover Kitchen

Hover Kitchen

Hover Kitchen 2

This space-age Hover Kitchen aims to save space by having your kitchen float gently in the air

2001: A Space Odyssey meets Martha Stewart in the Hover Kitchen. Magnetic fields and superconductor materials are utilised in this space-saving kitchen to have everything from your cabinets to dining benches and even the food in your ovens hover in mid-air.  It sure beats tying balloons to the top of your house, although one wonders how common the term “runaway cabinets” might become in the future.

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