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Jumbo Dryers – the bigger, better and greener way to dry your clothes


Jumbo Dryer picture caption: The powerful, yet versatile new Electrolux Jumbo Dryer can dry loads of up to 8kg, yet is gentle enough to dry even material like wool.

For many homeowners staying in apartments in Asia’s densely populated cities, the clothes dryer is an inevitable part of a compact living space. But while a dryer can save time, space and the physical energy required to hang up clothes, it can also be the biggest contributor to your monthly utility bill.

There are, however, easy ways to ensure your dryer is used in an energy efficient manner while drying your clothes effectively. Proper care in drying can also result in longer-lasting clothes and less ironing on your part.

Greener Drying

It starts with your choice of dryer. Many electrical appliances from established manufacturers come with the EU energy label. This is a labelling standard which rates appliances from A to G for energy consumption, with A being the most economical.  The new Electrolux Jumbo Dryer, for example, has a B rating, which means it’s among the most energy efficient clothes dryers out there.

Jumbo Dryer

A common piece of advice for efficient drying is to ensure that there is a full load in the dryer every time. However, with the Jumbo Dryer’s Inverter motor allowing variable drum speeds and time programmes combined with an auto-sensor to ensure even drying, more energy conscious and effective ways of drying clothes are now possible.

Before placing your wash in the dryer, take the time to sort them by material and weight. Lighter types of laundry such as T-shirts and blouses should be dried together and separately from  heavier materials such as jeans and bed linens .

This is because lighter materials dry faster, and mixing them with heavier laundry could prolong the drying process for such clothes. The Electrolux Jumbo Dryer assists energy conservation via an electronic sensor that senses when the washing is dry and shuts off the heater, saving electricity and preventing over-drying. With this dryer, you can also choose between a 30-minute or 55-minute quick drying programme to save time.

Overloading is also less of a possibility given its 8kg drum capacity, which is larger than most household dryers. However, be careful not to overload your dryer, as it makes the drying process less efficient, resulting in an even longer drying time.

Once done, clean the lint filter, as a clean filter improves air circulation and the dryer’s efficiency.

Drying for longer-lasting clothes

Tumble drying has several benefits, including speeding up the drying process and leaving fabrics softer and fluffier. It also removes most creases caused by spin drying and cuts down the time and effort required to iron them.

The Electrolux Jumbo Dryer also includes a wool programme, which is a drying cycle so gentle it works on woollen materials.  But it’s the thoughtful design features that really set this dryer apart.  An interior drum light is one example of how user friendly this dryer is, making it easy to ensure no clothes are left behind when removing your laundry after drying.

Another nifty example is its reversible door, which can be installed either way to better suit your home and needs. This allows you to tumble dry the right way – bigger, better and greener.

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