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Get more out of life with the UltraActive Vac

A fact of high density living is that homes are getting smaller, with less storage space for household appliances. And yet, with the modern family’s lifestyle, more has to be accomplished in less time, with smaller and more efficient home appliance solutions that help make the home clean and inviting.

Wash away the dishwasher myths

If you’ve ever thought about getting a dishwasher, but were deterred by the idea that they’re energy guzzlers, require more detergent or that opening the door could cause a mini-tsunami on your kitchen floor, it’s time to think again.

Combining hob and hood in your kitchen for optimal cooking

Cooking hobs and hoods are arguably the most important features in a kitchen. They are among the most-used appliances and can make or break your cooking experience. Before, during and after.

Quietly superior vacuuming in just one package

Urban living in a hot and humid climate requires more attention to cleaning due to the constant dust build up. The humidity encourages dust mites, mould and bacteria if dirt is allowed to accumulate. Yet for many, cleaning is a chore best left to another day.

Cleaner and ‘greener’ laundry with the new T-Drive top load washers

Say goodbye to abused and tangled clothes from your top load washing machine. Electrolux’s latest top load offering has the perfect solution to your laundry woes.

Singapore’s kids share their visions of a Greener Singapore

It was an evening where dreaming paid off for 12 children at the ‘Dreaming of a Greener Singapore’ prize presentation event.

APAC finalists take two out of three top spots at the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 finals

It was a tough contest that started in January this year. In the end, three designs stood out from the last round of eight finalists to take home the top honours at the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 finals.

Julie Paterson and the Willow range – designs to breakthrough in Asia

Julie Paterson is a natural designer in every sense of the word. Whether she is based in Europe, Australia and now China, nature has always been the key inspiration for her designs.

Roman food by Paolo Vitalletti pops up in Bangkok

A popular culinary trend in the last year or so has been the pop-up food event. Rising chefs are paired with interesting venues to create an impromptu restaurant that lasts for only one night. Unforgettable, one-off restaurant experiences ensue.

Choose the right freestanding cooker for your home

If you like appliances that can do it all, consider a freestanding cooker for your kitchen. These versatile cookers are characterised by a combination of a cooktop and oven in a unit that can be moved anywhere in your house, as it does not require mounting to a wall.