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Roman food by Paolo Vitalletti pops up in Bangkok


Chef Paolo Vitalletti
© Christopher Wise© Christopher Wise© Christopher Wise

A popular culinary trend in the last year or so has been the pop-up food event. Rising chefs are paired with interesting venues to create an impromptu restaurant that lasts for only one night. Unforgettable, one-off restaurant experiences ensue.

On 27 August, one such experience was created in partnership with Electrolux Thailand at the Opposite multi-purpose event space in Bangkok. The appetising event, Gastronomia Romana, was a night of traditional Roman cuisine starring special ingredients brought directly from the Eternal City and cooked by Chef Paolo Vitalletti.

roman pop up4

Chef Paolo Vitalletti
Photo credit: © Christopher Wise

The Italian culinary maestro, currently an Executive Chef at Beijing’s 5-star Aman at Summer Palace hotel, was flown in to share his family-style cooking, which is rarely prepared at other Italian restaurants in Bangkok.

Six pre-booked guests were also given the chance to assist Chef Vitalletti in the Opposite’s Electrolux-fitted kitchen before dinner, which allowed them to see the celebrity chef at work.

roman pop up

Photo credit: © Christopher Wise

The 25 guests – who paid 2,500 baht each for the dinner – feasted on exotic dishes such as La Trippa alla Romana (Tomato and Mint Stewed Beef Tripe with Pecorino Romano Cheese),  La Porchetta (Roasted Suckling pig roll filled with pig interiors and fennel pollen) and Rigatoni con la pajata (Milk-fed veal intestine sauce and pecorino romano cheese). Courses were paired with wines from the Marche Region.

roman pop up 2

Photo credit: © Christopher Wise

Dinner was concluded with a Crostata di ricotta dessert, or sheep milk ricotta tart, but not before guests “fare la scarpetta”, where sauce is mopped from the plate with a piece of bread. The best compliment one could pay to an Italian chef.

For more information on the Opposite’s events, go to http://oppositebangkok.com

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