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Cleaner and ‘greener’ laundry with the new T-Drive top load washers


Say goodbye to abused and tangled clothes from your top load washing machine. Electrolux’s latest top load offering has the perfect solution to your laundry woes.

While the majority of Asian homes still prefer the convenience of using a top load washer for their laundry needs, these washers clean clothes like, well, machines. Conventional top load washers use ‘pulsators’ in the cleaning process, with the drive mechanism moving clothes around in the tub while washing, before the entire wash tub is spun to force water out and spin-dry clothes.

This results in a tangled wash with little care for the quality of your clothes, or worse, if the washing motion is inadequate, residue from cleaning agents will remain even after each wash.

The new range of top load washing machines from Electrolux come with enhanced features that move them a notch above these conventional washers. Equipped with the pioneering T-Drive technology, these washers improve wash performance by preventing tangled laundry and unsightly residue while saving up to 50% of water used with every wash.

Leave it to the T-Drive




The secret lies in its innovative T-Drive technology that moves clothes in a circular motion, from the top to the bottom of the drum, replicating the thorough, gentle action of hand-washing. It also ensures effective and uniform dilution of detergents and softeners. This prevents the tangling of laundry and the formation of residue on clothes after washing. Clothes are also less wrinkled and thus require less effort when ironing.

And there’s more. These washers have the ECO Rinse Programme that saves up to 50% of the water used compared with other conventional washers. Utilising a water spray system, the T-Drive sprays water only in small pulses, followed by the washbowl spinning to remove dirty water from clothes.

Always thinking of you, the T-Drive range of washers is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Each washer features an elegant IQ touch control panel that provides easy command over your washing with minimal fuss, a ‘Delay-End’ function that provides a nifty solution for those looking to plan their washing in advance; and a Soft Close Lid that keeps hands safe from sudden closure of the washing machine lid.

The new Electrolux T-Drive range is now available in Southeast Asia and Australia and consists of four different models with drum capacities ranging from 7kg, 9kg, 11kg and 12kg for larger homes and families.

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