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Quietly superior vacuuming in just one package


The Ultra One Vacuum Cleaner is designed for easy maneuverability and control while producing top tested cleaning performance. 

Urban living  in a hot and humid climate requires more attention to cleaning due to the constant dust build up. The humidity encourages dust mites, mould and bacteria if dirt is allowed to accumulate.  Yet for many, cleaning is a chore best left to another day.

Consumer insights into cleaning habits over the years have found that modern homeowners prefer to clean in shorter bursts more frequently as opposed to having a big weekly clean up.  A recent consumer insights study by Electrolux however, found that cleaning with the vacuum itself can be seen as a chore, with key irritants being poor cleaning performance (36%), poor handling (40%) and loud noise (41%).

It’s not that the study’s respondents hated to clean – quite the opposite, in fact.  What was important to them was the ability to see a tangible result when cleaning in order to fully enjoy the experience.   Their ideal vacuum, unsurprisingly, was one that offered the best possible dust pick up on all surfaces, is easy to manoeuvre and control, and is quiet while operating.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your vacuum  performs in all these  areas.

Cleaning Performance

A vacuum’s ability to pick up dirt and carry it through to the dust bag relies on the power of its suction and airflow. If there is insufficient suction, the vacuum is unable to pick up dust. If there is poor airflow, the particles could be regurgitated once the power is turned off.


The UltraOne vacuum is designed for state-of-the-art airflow, powered by a 2,200 watt motor, making it  powerful enough to pick up stubborn objects such as pet hair from even carpets and upholstery.

It is also fitted with a HEPA 13 filter, which eliminates 99.95% of small particles. This means you don’t just get a cleaner home, you get improved air quality indoors for yourself and your family.

Operational noise


With Silent Air Technology, the UltraOne’s air tight design and double shell construction utilises sound insulation material to contain and minimise noise from the vacuum’s operation. Externally, the soft ride wheels glide easily and silently over surfaces and thresholds.  The auto power setting regulates the vacuum’s powerful motor, matching the motor speed to the floor surface for not just optimal cleaning results, but as little noise as possible.

Superior handling


Whether it’s setting up the vacuum or using it to clean, poorly designed vacuums with their numerous add-ons  put the ‘work’ in housework. The UltraOne makes cleaning a breeze  with its AeroPro nozzle system, which includes an intuitive remote control handle so users don’t even have to bend down to turn the vacuum on.

Combined with the remote control handle’s pivoting hose connection, the nifty vacuum  puts hard to reach spots within easy reach.

One doesn’t drag the UltraOne around. It just doesn’t need dragging. With its soft ride wheels mounted on metal castings, the vacuum glides over any surface and over doorways easily. A soft centre wheel facilitates smooth 360 degree pivots in any direction.

Cleaning should not be a chore, and with the Electrolux UltraOne, you don’t have to feel like you’re doing housework.

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