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Get more out of life with the UltraActive Vac


The UltraActive is a bagless vacuum that can be folded to fit into compact spaces.The UltraActive is designed for today's frenetic lifestyle, with a powerful vacuum packed in an easy to use, yet compact package.The UltraActive is designed for today's frenetic lifestyle, with a powerful vacuum packed in an easy to use, yet compact package.

A fact of high density living is that homes are getting smaller, with less storage space for household appliances.  And yet, with the modern family’s lifestyle, more has to be accomplished in less time, with smaller and more efficient home appliance solutions that help make the home clean and inviting.

Consumer research has also  found that homeowners may not have as much time to clean in their increasingly busy lifestyles, yet a neat and clean home is still much desired. Hence, cleaning habits have evolved to work around their schedules, with most preferring to clean in short bursts whenever there are free pockets of time, rather than setting aside a large block of time to tidy up the house.

This is why manufacturers like Electrolux are focusing on developing compact but powerful vacuums like the UltraActive to cater to modern lifestyles. Weighing in at 6kg, this bagless vacuum cleaner packs in the cleaning performance of a full-sized vacuum whilst being economical on space, folding into a compact package for easy storage.  It also comes in a sleek design with a variety of trendy colours to perfectly complement any modern home.

UltraActive compact

The UltraActive runs on a powerful 2100 watt motor, which allows for optimised airflow from nozzle to outlet. This powerful suction ensures a fast and effective cleaning experience, without the need to clean the same area twice; allowing you to get out of the house earlier and onto other leisure activities.

Tight spaces, hard to reach nooks and crannies are no challenge for  the UltraActive’s suite of easy handling features such as the AeroPro nozzle system, which includes an easy to use 3-in-1 nozzle that is stored on board.


Consisting of a brush, crevice nozzle and one for upholstery and other furniture, the attachments are easily connected to an ergonomic telescopic tube system with a soft touch rubber hold that allows convenient adjustments of tubes and brushes. The intuitive remote control handle also allows users to turn the vacuum on and off easily. Combined with its pivoting hose connection, the UltraActive makes cleaning a quick and easy experience, capable of cleaning everything from dusty spots to stubborn pet hair.

Adding to the numerous features in its compact package, the UltraActive features a HEPA 13 filter that screens out 99.95% of small particles.  This means you don’t just get a cleaner home, you also get improved air quality indoors.

Cleaning and storing the UltraActive itself is a breeze.  Just open the lid to prevent dust from escaping out in the air, empty the dust container with one hand, and remove the cyclone filter.

The filters are designed to be removed and washed easily.  Its functional design also includes two carrying handles and parking clips to snap in the nozzle for easy storage, allowing fuss-free storage after use.

Want to spend more of your free time doing your favourite sport or leisure activity, and have a clean home to go back to?  You can now with the UltraActive vacuum.


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