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Wash away the dishwasher myths


The Electrolux ESF63020W dishwasher combines Advanced Fuzzy Logic and Aqua Spray technology to give users the perfect wash with minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a dishwasher, but were deterred by the idea that they’re energy guzzlers, require more detergent or that opening the door could cause a mini-tsunami on your kitchen floor, it’s time to think again.

There’s no better time to get a dishwasher as models become increasingly sophisticated and energy efficient. The latest Electrolux dishwashers contain features such as Advanced Fuzzy Logic, which delivers a proper wash while keeping water, energy and detergent consumption to a minimum.

For more reasons to get a dishwasher, let’s bust some myths.

Myth 1: Dishes need to be rinsed before being placed in the dishwasher

Fact: As weird as the idea of pre-washing dishes before putting them  in the wash sounds, many believe that every bit of food from their dinnerware needs to be removed and rinsed before being placed in the dishwasher.

In fact, rinsing beforehand can actually damage your plates, as detergent breaks down grease and grime stuck onto plates. If there’ss no residue for the detergent to work on, the alkaline level becomes higher than normal, resulting in cloudy or scratched plates. All that’s needed is a quick scrape of the larger food items off the dinnerware before putting them in the dishwasher.

Myth 2: Hand washing dishes is more environmentally friendly than a dishwasher

Fact: Far from it. Doing the dishes by hand consumes about twice as much energy, and even more if done under running water, and about 10 times more water than a dishwasher. Also consider that many people wash their dishes throughout the day, whereas you only run your dishwasher whenever you have a full load.

Another common misconception by owners of dishwashers is wanting to be more environmentally friendly, and  thinking that using lower temperatures to wash dishes is the way to go. Unfortunately, it’s not the detergent that does most of the job, but the high water temperature that’s sprayed onto the dishes.  It’s more energy efficient to use an intensive cycle with a high temperature for a shorter amount of time.

Myth 3: The more detergent, the better.

Fact: Just put in enough detergent for the machine to wash the dishes according to the directions on the detergent package. Too much detergent actually makes glassware cloudy due to tiny abrasions made by excessive detergent.

Myth 4: Dishwashers wash by filling the machine completely with water

Fact: No, if you need to open your dishwasher in the middle of a cycle, you will not get an instant waterfall on your kitchen floor. While a logical conclusion to draw, most dishwashers actually use sprays of water in every angle to clean dirt and grime off dinnerware.

Myth 5: I should run the dishwasher again if my dishes are not clean


Fact: Unfortunately in the case of dishwashers there are no second chances. Any residue and grime left post-wash would tend to have hardened with the detergent during the dishwasher’s drying cycle. That’s why it’s important to get dishwashers such as the Electrolux ESF63020W, which incorporates Aqua Spray technology that literally dissolves grease and grime with high-powered water sprays that perfectly cleans every dish in every part of the dishwasher.

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