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Colourful personalities: the meaning behind Ergorapido hues


Colours are one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. From the passion embodied by red to the calm exuded from blue tones, colours both tell us about the world and in turn, tell the world about us.

With this in mind, Electrolux has produced its cordless Ergorapido vacuum cleaners in a plethora of colours. Whether it’s gentle pink, adventurous yellow or pure white, there’s an Ergorapido out there in just the right colour to express your own personality.

And here’s why you should express the real you – Electrolux is giving away three Ergorapidos to three lucky participants in its Ergorapido “Colour Me Special” giveaway. All you have to do is sign up at the contest tab on The Little White Book Facebook page, like the colour you prefer and tell us why.


Here’s a quick guide to what your favourite colour says about you:



A worldly, dignified achiever

Black personalities tend to be above average, worldly and dignified. They are proper, polite and regal in appearance, impressive without being showy. The ‘Black’ personality want an appearance of mystery, although they have hidden depths and inner longings.  Fiercely loyal, committed to relationships and disciplined in achieving goals, they can also be emotional people who make decisions based on feelings.



A peaceful and harmonious model citizen

Green personalities are gentle and sincere. Green is a colour of harmony and balance, symbolising hope, renewal and peace. Moral and reputable, Green people are good citizens and pillars of the community, sensitive to custom and etiquette. Generally sociable and frank, they are terrific listeners and understand people empathically.



The fun-loving life of the party

Orange personalities are flamboyant and fun-loving people who enjoy social events. Orange, after all, is a colour of youth, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness. Generally good natured and popular, ‘Oranges’ are noticed by people.  While they can vacillate, they try their best to be agreeable and have strong loyalties.



A gentle, caring charmer

The Pink personality tends to take on the gentler qualities of its Red cousin, symbolising love and affection. Those who identify with this colour  care genuinely for others and may at times even appear to have angelic qualities. Pink women tend to be maternal. They seek affection, protection, love and security in life. Charming and gentle, they enjoy being appreciated by others in return.



A unique, expressive wit

Purple personalities are very individualistic, with a good mind and a strong desire to be different. Fastidious with a ready wit, they have a keen observational ability for things that go unnoticed by others. Unconventional, artistic and temperamental, ‘Purples’ can also be sensitive and dignified, able to appreciate both the small and the magnificent things in life.



A passionate mover and shaker

Red personalities are outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive. Red is the colour of action, vitality and passion, and its personalities are very social, assertive and ambitious. Determined to live life to the fullest, they can also be impatient. Optimistic and restless, Reds can’t stand monotony and are extroverted, with a zest for life. They are open and uncomplicated, translating into their speech, which is direct and practical. This gains them the respect of people when they talk.



An intuitive, insightful introvert

Silver personalities search to understand the deeper truth and feelings. Introspective by nature, they long to be immersed in their thoughts. Intuitive and insightful, they can have a strong connection with the spiritual. Open to trying new things and opportunities, change is welcomed by Silver people. Gracious, non-aggressive with strong values and morals, they tend to have an air of sophistication and classiness.



A youthful and pure adventurer

White personalities are willing to experience many new things and explore the unknown. Symbolic of purity, innocence and naiveté, white has strong associations with youth and purity. Seeking perfection and ideals, White personalities may also desire simplicity in their lives. They tend to attract many different types of people and adventures.



The adventurous optimist

Yellow personalities are mentally adventurous, with a strong urge to help the world. Yellow is the colour of happiness, intellect and imagination. Searching for the new and fulfilling things in life, Yellows have sunny personalities, with a good sense of humour to boot. They tend to have lofty ideals and seek freedom in thought and action. An optimist who accepts people for what they are, yellow people are safe friends to confide in, enjoy making others feel good and not expecting much in return.

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