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Get the right ‘big’ appliances for a big home


For those whose headcount at home includes grandparents and more than three kids, higher capacity appliances with more time efficient features may be required.

Here are some suggestions for home appliances that are best suited to families of up to 10 people:

Washing machine

A large family will have no trouble keeping washing machines running at full loads, especially if they have school-going children whose daily activities are likely to involve lots of sweat and dirt. It’s less efficient to have a small washing machine running several times than one large washing machine cleaning everything in one wash. This saves on both time and utilities.  Another consideration is also the range of wash cycles for the many different types of clothes and materials being worn and used by different members of the family.

Recommended model:


EWT121 T-Drive Agitator– With a 12kg capacity, the EWT121 can wash up to 60 t-shirts at one go. Unlike other conventional top loads, its T-Drive technology helps to reduce the wear and tear on your favourite clothes.  . This reduces the costs of  buying new clothing, which can be significant in large families.  Its eco-rinse option also helps further save on utility bills.


After washing a huge load of clothes, you’ll need a dryer that can dry them just as efficiently. Similar to washing machines, dryers operate most efficiently when they are used at full load. However, do note that it’s also more efficient to dry heavier types of laundry like bed sheets or jeans together and lighter laundry like t-shirts and tops in separate cycles. Lighter laundry dries faster, so mixing them with heavier fabrics keep them in the dryer longer than necessary.

Recommended model:


Electrolux Jumbo Dryer – An 8kg capacity dryer that is so gentle on clothes, it even has a wool programme for woollen materials, reducing wear and tear on your laundry.


Large families obviously need larger refrigerators to store a bigger amount of food to keep everyone going. Fridges tend to be more efficient when fully stocked, although do look for the energy rating on the fridge, which indicates how efficient its power consumption is.

Recommended model:


ESE7007SC – This 700 litre fridge should be more than enough to store consumables for most extended families under one roof. Its multiple compartments include a deli compartment for delicate foods and a crisper with adjustable humidity control to ensure the variety of fruits and vegetables kept there remain fresh. The fridge is also rated four ticks for “Excellent” in its energy consumption under the Energy Label.

Cooking hobs and hoods

This really depends on the type of cooking you do and the size of the meals you prepare. Gas burners are preferable for wok cooking, but induction hobs are safer and easier to clean.  Larger hobs can contain four to five burners for more simultaneous cooking of dishes.

Pair the hob with the right cooker hood to ensure cooking smells and odours don’t stay in the home after the meal. Typically, a cooker hood’s extraction rate should commensurate with the size and volume of the kitchen.

Recommended models:


EHG9340X cooking hob– This versatile domino cooking hob contains four burners, two of which are wok burners. 1-step ignition ensures easy operation of the stovetop.


EKM9655X cooking range – This 90cm freestanding cooker contains five gas burners and incorporates an electric oven and grill to maximise the amount of cooking that can be done at once.


EFC9573X Ultra Clean Hood – This dual filter cooking hood features a powerful extraction rate while incorporating a timer control with child lock safety feature. To top it off, it has an easy to clean canopy that saves both time and effort.

Vacuum cleaners

When it comes to larger families, this usually means larger living areas or more situations that need a good cleaning partner.   A powerful all-purpose vacuum cleaner might just be the answer.

Recommended model:


Z931 Flexio II – A powerful vacuum cleaner that can clean up both wet and dry surfaces. It also has a large drum capacity to take on messes of all shapes and sizes.

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