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Time saving appliances for the busy professional


So you’re a successful professional with an apartment, but who has time to do housework?  With these Electrolux appliances, you might find fitting chores into your busy schedule easier than ever.

Washing machine

The hectic life of a working professional requires machines that are more time-conscious, although living closer to work in the city may mean an apartment with less floor space for extra machines. Consider a washer-dryer combination machine for the continuum of time and space savings.

Recommended model:

EWW12580 – This washer-dryer model can wash up to 7kg of clothes and dry them in the same machine.  15 different programmes mean there’s always a hassle-free setting for most types of laundry.


EWF14821 Vapour  Time Manager – If you still prefer to keep your appliances separate, this washer with the Vapour Time Manager functions allow you to customise your wash times to your schedule, in addition to adding a de-wrinkling vapour cycle that results in softer clothes with less need for ironing.

EWF14821-STD vapour time manager


Having a dryer means less time needed to hang up and take down clothes. Some dryers even cut down on the need for ironing after drying. Especially useful for those who loathe that time-consuming chore.

Recommended model:

EDI97170W Iron Aid Steam Dryer – An all-in-one dryer, this appliance has programmes even for delicate fabric like silk and wool. The dryer has an anti-crease function that removes wrinkles so less ironing is required, and can even remove odours while at it.

EDI97170W-3 iron aid

Cooking hobs and hoods

For ease of use, convenience and simple maintenance, induction hobs might be the way to go. Induction cook tops use electrical fields to heat the food in cooking utensils, and thus heats up much faster than gas hobs. They are also much easier to clean as the flat cook tops do not heat up, allowing users to wipe the surface quickly and safely.

Recommended models:

EHED63CS Induction Hob – This 60cm induction cooker has four cooking zones of various sizes, and comes with an electronic touch control that makes it a breeze to operate.


EFT9460X Slim Line Hood – This stylish slim line hood takes up less space than other hoods and comes with an active carbon filter and Easy Clean Cassette grease filter, making it a breeze to use and maintain.

EFT9460X slim line hood

Vacuum cleaners

Professionals with busy lives are increasingly cleaning in short bursts several times a week rather than doing a big weekly dust up. For such cleaning habits in smaller apartments, compact vacuums with grab and go designs are well-suited to the task.

Recommended model:

ZB2905 Ergorapido 2in1– A stylish, cordless  vacuum cleaner designed for easy handling and cleaning. Charged in an upright position, there’s no vacuum that’s easier to just grab and use. A smaller handheld vacuum cleaner can be detached from the stick to handle more localised messes.


Ultra Active – For those with bigger apartments and in need of a bit more suction power, the Ultra Active features superior handling and cleaning performance while retaining a sleek, compact design specially tailored to minimise the effort required in taking out and packing in a vacuum cleaner.

UltraActive compact

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