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Cook up a storm at your next dinner party

Whether it’s your turn to host that family gathering or throw a dinner party for 10 friends in your new home, preparing a meal for a large group can seem overwhelming especially in home kitchens that are usually outfitted to cook for just a nuclear family.

Tips for small families: buying the right appliances

First-time homeowners may find that getting the right appliances for their family can be a tricky affair. Appliances come in all shapes, sizes and features. While the temptation is great to get only the largest and best for your loved ones, chances are they might be underutilised and less energy efficient for a small family.

How does she do it? – Primpow de Gomery puts the pleasure in her business with Electrolux

We’ve all met them. The women who seem to have it all – juggling a successful career, a happy family and large living. “How does she do it?” is a new series where we explore how Asian women have come to have it all.

Getting your kids started in the kitchen

7 October marks Children’s Day in Singapore and is a day to celebrate the joys of childhood and promote the welfare of children around the world. So while your young ones are enjoying a day off from school with you, why not show them the basics of using a few kitchen appliances and get them to help create their favourite meals and snacks?

On top or up front? Choose the right washer for you

When choosing a washing machine, the distinction between a top or front loading washer can seem like a mere stylistic preference. However, both types of washers bring distinct benefits to your laundry, and the choice can affect everything from the efficiency of your washing machine to the lifespan of your clothes.