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Singapore’s glamour mum – Amy Cheng on having it all

She sings, acts and hosts. She’s also the mother of two boys. With both a happy family and successful career encompassing film, television, theatre and song, Amy J Cheng appears to be living a modern woman’s dream.

Whip up meals that are good for your family and the environment

Just because inflation seems to be turning up the heat on our utility bills doesn’t mean we can’t still do the same on our cooking hobs. Given their regular daily use, the heat generation and air circulation required to do their jobs, cooking hobs and hoods can play a part on the outcome of our energy bills.

Mobile cleaner opens the world to Adrian Mankovecký

Cutting-edge, life-changing designs and designers are popularly associated with countries like the USA or Sweden. The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 levelled the playing field, taking in 1,300 entries from 50 countries around the world – and found its winner in Slovakian Adrian Mankovecký.

Thoughtful Design: The Vacuum

It’s his job to think of you.

Simon Bradford is Electrolux’s Head of Global Design of Small Appliances at Electrolux, where he oversees the design of small appliances. This includes popular vacuums such as the Ergorapido, UltraSilencer and UltraActive.

Put the chill on your fridge’s power use and keep it humming longer

It runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, keeping our food chilled and fresh as long as it can. Little wonder then that fridges are, quite literally, power users.

20 words + 12 gift ideas for a great start to 2012

It’s one of the most celebrated holidays the world over where friends and families come together over delicious home-cooked meals, and homes and streets are filled with festive decorations and bright coloured lights. Yes, Christmas is on its way.

Appliances that think of you, and your grandparents

With all the love, kindness and wisdom they’ve bestowed on us, grandparents surely deserve a day dedicated just to them. And that date is 27 November, Grandparents Day.

Vacuum tips that are great for both your home and utility bill

Is your vacuum cleaning out more than just your home? While vacuum cleaners do make cleaning more fuss-free, it can suck up quite a bit of energy doing so as well.

Getting in touch with your oven

Chinese cooking methods are commonly associated with a wok and a big flame, but professional chef Daniel Menezes will tell you otherwise. This graduate of SHATEC in Singapore and the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in London is regarded as a pioneering expert in modern Asian cooking using western equipment. Especially the often overlooked oven.

Enjoy hot (and eco-friendly) showers at home

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower on a cold day or in the evenings, to wash a stressful day away. Unfortunately the stress relief could be negated by utility bills that seem to go in only one direction: up.