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20 words + 12 gift ideas for a great start to 2012


It’s one of the most celebrated holidays the world over where friends and families come together over delicious home-cooked meals,  and homes and streets are filled with festive decorations and bright coloured lights. Yes, Christmas is on its way.

With a month to go, the Electrolux Secret Santa giveaway at (http://on.fb.me/SecretSantaContest) is giving you the chance to gift that special someone with some fabulous appliances this festive season!  In the meantime, here are 12 great gift ideas that are sure to let the recipients know they’ve been very good this year.
Gift Idea 1: The ESE6977SC Refrigerator


You might as well start big with this 100cm side-by-side fridge that’s also eco-friendly! It comes with compartments for every type of food you’ll ever need to store in preparation for Christmas dinner – as well as for the leftovers after.

Gift Idea 2: EOC69400X Inspiro Oven


On the big day you can roast your turkey perfectly in this intelligent oven, which contains over 300 built-in programmes and shared expertise from professional chefs.

Gift Idea 3: EHG9340X Cooking Hob


This spacious 90cm cooking hob with four gas burners will help you cook different dishes for your Christmas feast quick and all at the same time.

Gift Idea 4: EFC9588X Silent Chimney Hood


So quiet you won’t even know it’s there; but it’ll still keep your kitchen and house odour-free with its powerful extraction. Whether you’re deep frying or stir frying, this hood sucks all those unwanted fumes up.

Gift Idea 5: EBR2601 Blender


What’s a Christmas party without cocktails? Break out this blender and its ice crusher function will break down the ice for a perfect margarita or mojito. It’ll also blend smoothies perfectly for your kids. Just remember to keep an eye on where the tequila goes!

Gift Idea 6: ESF66070XR XXL Hygienic Dishwasher


Who wants to spend Christmas day cleaning up after the party?   Just adjust the basket to hold large dishes, while letting the bottom plate hold the pots and pans and let this nifty washer do the cleaning up for you.

Gift Idea 7: 7931 Flexio II Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner


Alright, some messes you can’t ignore. Be they liquid spills or leftover crumbs, suck them all up with the Flexio II.

Gift Idea 8: Ergorapido 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

ZB2902 - STD

The Ergorapido 2 in 1 cordless stick vac is convenient and powerful enough to do a bit of spot cleaning around the house before your next bunch of guests arrive.

Gift Idea 9: EWF14821 Vapour Time Manager washing machine


Any cleaning up around the home will be a breeze with this versatile washer. It’s even great for children as its vapour-action function not only gives you softer fabrics, but also gets rid of 99.9% of allergens.

Gift Idea 10: EJE3000 Juice Extractor


With all the hearty dinners and celebrations, it might be good to stock up on fresh juices for the family.  Just get some of your favourite fruits together and this handy juice extractor will do the rest.

Gift Idea 11: Z531 Purity


When you can finally catch your breath during the festive season, it might as well be a clean one. Take a fresh breath with this air cleaner that uses a combination of HEPA filtration technology, negative ion purification and a UV photocatalytic filter to remove bacteria, mould and other harmful bacteria from the air.

Gift Idea 12: ECM4000 Coffee Maker Nero Series


Greet 2012 with a fresh, well-brewed cuppa. After all that work in making the Christmas season a true celebration with your family and friends, put your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved brew (and break).

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