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Appliances that think of you, and your grandparents


Celebrate National Grandparents Day and show appreciation for a lifetime of love, kindness and wisdom from your grandparents by spending time with them.Side-by-side fridges like the ESE5688SA-3 allow the elderly to better reach regularly used items in the middle shelves. This model also allows them to rearrange the storage compartments to their comfort.This water heater is equipped with anti-scald and other safety features to ensure users don’t accidentally scald themselves.The Ergorapido is lightweight and easy to use without the hassle of dealing with canisters, tubes and attachments for seniors who need to clean regularly.

With all the love, kindness and wisdom they’ve bestowed on us, grandparents surely deserve a day dedicated just to them. And that date is 27 November, Grandparents Day.

Started as a secular holiday in the US, countries around the world have since declared their own days for grandparents, where families come together to celebrate and honour their eldery members.

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But we can always incorporate more ways to show these special individuals how important they are in our daily lives than just celebrating a date. Making the home an easier place for them to live and get around goes a long way in making their later years happy and  safe.

And it need not be a costly exercise. Simple  things like keeping the microwave at counter top level so they don’t have to reach above their heads to retrieve hot food helps. Or getting a top load washer like the Electrolux T-Drive washing machine that will help reduce physical strain while loading and unloading laundry.

Another tip is making things easier to reach and open – such as having sliding and pull out shelves instead of cabinet shelves and large, easy-to-grip knobs to help them access things with more comfort.  D-shaped handles can give those with arthritic wrists an easier time opening drawers and cabinets.

If you’re choosing a refrigerator, side-by-side models such as the ESE5688SA allow the elderly to better access regularly used items placed in the mid-shelves. The ESE5688SA is designed to provide flexible storage for shelves and bins, making the compartments easier to organise and reach.


In keeping with their “Thinking of You” design philosophy, Electrolux has also made their appliances easy and safe to use. The top loading T-Drive washers will launder everything from heavy beddings to woollens and delicate items with just the touch of a few buttons; while water heaters like the EWE 451BA-DW are equipped with anti-scald devices that ensure water never gets too hot.

EWE 351BX_451BA-DW_255

The elderly will also find that using induction cooktops reduces the risk of accidental burns. Induction uses electrical fields to generate heat rather than flame to cook. Induction hobs like the EHED63CS also incorporate safety features such as electronic heat residue indicators and an auto-off safety function. As an added bonus, the flat and smooth surfaces of induction stoves are quick and easy to clean.

Other ways of helping them keep their living spaces clean can come in the form of grab and go lightweight vacuum cleaner like the Ergorapido 2 in 1. This nifty stick  vacuum is easy to handle and manoeuvre around the home instead of a bulkier  canister vacuum that requires them to  bend down to fiddle with tubes and attachments.

ZB2901G - Egorapido 2 in 1

With this in mind, do take a look around the home and see where ease of access and use can be improved to  ensure  your grandparents feel loved more than just one day a year.

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