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Mobile cleaner opens the world to Adrian Mankovecký


The world is EDL 2011 winner Adrian Makovecký’s oyster, if history is anything to go by. Many past winners have found employment and business opportunities within the design field, including Electrolux itself.Powered by a sugar crystal battery and using negative ions to clean stains, everyone on the jury wanted a Portable Spot Cleaner.Adrian receives his prize at the EDL finals held in London this year from  Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Global Design.

Cutting-edge, life-changing designs and designers are popularly associated with countries like the USA or Sweden. The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2011 levelled the playing field, taking in 1,300 entries from 50 countries around the world – and found its winner in Slovakian Adrian Mankovecký.


A student of industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, the 22-year-old’s Portable Spot Cleaner consists of two handheld components which are placed on both sides of a stained garment. Powered by a sugar crystal battery, negative ions and steam are then used to clean the stain.


Winning the grand prize at the EDL means a cash award of 5,000 Euros and a six-month paid internship at the Electrolux global design centre in Stockholm. This provides the winner, usually an undergraduate, with job and business opportunities in Electrolux and the design field.

Now, three months after the EDL finals which saw him travelling to London, Mankovecký is planning for a future with new possibilities. He will begin his internship with Electrolux in the third quarter of next year  – after he graduates with his bachelor’s degree.  And his hope is to stay in Electrolux as a designer after his internship.

In the meantime, the cash prize is going towards a new computer for design work and programmes such as the V-Ray render software. As for the rest of the money, travelling and seeing the world are on the cards. Countries such as China and India are topping his list for their “different way of life and different cultures”.

Similar to Electrolux’s Thinking of You design philosophy, thinking about the end user forms the basis of his approach: “At the beginning of my work, I focus on the needs, wants and limitations of the end-user. That is the main part for me – be in touch with the consumer. Then I start to create the idea and then shapes. My designs have to be functional and have to make the consumer satisfied.”

And this philosophy was communicated in the Portable Spot Cleaner, as evidenced by the comments from the panel of internationally renowned judges at the EDL. They praised his design as “built on a very solid consumer insight and it is highly relevant. It is an instant laundry device that has a positive impact on the environment by reducing consumption. Its usage and interaction are very intuitive. We all want one.”

Thinking big about everyday problems helped him come up with his winning entry. Said Mankovecký: “I have an everyday problem with stains. So I started to think about this as a global problem because everybody has a problem with stains. And it’s very uneconomical to put a clean piece of clothing with a small stain into the washing machine. So I wanted to create something that saves both time and energy.”


And he hasn’t stopped thinking. His blog at http://adrianmankovecky.blogspot.com/ shows a variety of new designs and projects that try to combine aesthetics with sustainable functionality.

No wonder Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Global Design at Electrolux described the Portable Spot Cleaner as “a new fresh way of tackling a clothing care problem on the go, and with consideration for sensitive materials.”

”We very much look forward to welcoming Adrian Mankovecký when he starts his internship at the Electrolux Design Centre in Stockholm.”

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