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Singapore’s glamour mum – Amy Cheng on having it all


Award-winning actress, hands-on mother and owner of an  Electrolux condenser dryer, Amy Cheng has found a sweet spot between work and family life with a great taste in appliances.The Electrolux condenser dryer makes life easier for Amy – easy to fit, easy to use and easy on the utility bill.

She sings, acts and hosts. She’s also the mother of two boys. With both a happy family and successful career encompassing film, television, theatre and song, Amy J Cheng appears to be living a modern woman’s dream.

Amy Cheng

Photo credit: Fly Entertainment

Hers is a long and distinguished career, beginning with her breakthrough role in the local award-winning television series Growing Up, and moving on to well-received films such as Stories about Love and Just Follow Law. Her most recent work in Der Chinese – based on the international best-seller Henning Mankell’s The Man from Beijing – sees her taking a starring role as one of two Asian leads.

Perhaps in a case of life imitating art, she has also hosted info-entertainment programme My Perfect Child, which tackles parenting issues. She can claim real life experience in that area, being a hands on mum to two sons aged 13 and 2. We ask her just how she does it all.

How do you balance a career in showbiz with raising two children and maintaining a home life?

It’s always a challenge in trying to juggle the two and keep your sanity at the same time. So what I try to do is not to sweat over the small stuff and focus on the more important things. I think having support in the form of my family helps. For example, if I can’t pick up my younger son from school because of work, my husband will be the one to do it. Or if I need to get an email out, my older boy will help to play with his brother for a while.

We hear you have an Electrolux condenser dryer, how has it worked out for you so far?

I’ve been looking for a dryer for some time; one  that could fit into our small service yard so that I wouldn’t have to hang all my bedsheets and clothes and have the space look messy. A dryer that would be easy to use and most importantly, won’t add to utility bills. Getting the Electrolux dryer was really great because it meets all of the above, plus it makes minimum noise when in use!

This dryer is special because you can pretty much adjust the settings easily so that almost any item of clothing can be thrown into it  and it comes out, like the saying goes: “fresh out of the oven”. Cuts down on ironing time as well. You can also set the timer so that when you leave for work, you can come home to clean dry clothes. This means you get to wear the clothes you need without having to wait for days for it to dry (especially when it rains!). And although it looks compact, it can carry a load of up to 7 kg so that’s quite a lot of clothes which is great for a family of four.

EDC67550W condense dryer

Name your most hated and your favourite household chore.

My most hated chore is cleaning the toilets which thank goodness, I don’t have to do it anymore because I do have a domestic  helper. My favourite chore would have to be cooking. My husband and older boy help to wash the dishes while I do the cooking.

How would you describe your approach to parenting?

Basically, my approach is to discipline with love.

How did you get into showbiz and of all your talents, which do you enjoy the most singing, acting in film or theatre?

I got into showbiz by chance. I had wanted to be an actress for a while, but I sort of gave up that dream. Until the Fame Awards came along and I accompanied my brother to it. One thing led to another and here I am. I enjoy theatre because you get the real thrill of “live” performance. I love film because of the subtlety it can capture. I love singing because it’s an emotional release!

Do you have any advice for working moms out there?

Prioritize and delegate!

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