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Gobble up turkey in five different ways


A perfectly grilled turkey can impart new flavour to the meat while giving it crisp skinA deep fried turkey freshly cooked in a turkey fryerA turducken center with cornbread stuffing bacon separating the chicken, duck and turkey

When the first settlers in America roasted turkey in the 17th century, it was a matter of practicality – the bird was native to the country and came in plentiful supply.  Fortunately (or unfortunately if you were the turkey), they were also delicious, which meant that a few hundred years later, people around the world are still roasting and savouring its meaty pleasures.

While roasting a turkey does take a fair bit of skill and experience to ensure a juicy yet thoroughly-cooked bird, it’s also a straightforward affair. So straightforward in fact, that the Electrolux EOC69400X Inspiro Oven has a turkey programme that’ll roast a turkey perfectly for you.  All you need to do is press a couple of buttons and watch it do the rest.

If you’re looking to mix it up a little this festive season, perhaps one of the following alternative preparation methods might catch your fancy for some delicious experimentation.


To some, roasting and grilling might be the same thing. Roasting cooks via indirect, diffused heat and is suited to the slow cooking of large pieces of meat while grilling exposes the meat to an intense, direct heat source.

Grilled turkey

Photo credit: Courtneylynne09

Although usually used to quickly cook small pieces of meat, turkeys can be grilled, resulting in flavourful , smoky meat encased within a crispy skin. Check out these tips for grilling a turkey. Then turn your Electrolux Inspiro oven to the grill setting.

Deep Fried

If we can deep fry a Mars bar, turkeys are certainly more acceptable in a fryer. If you’re after crispy skin, it’s possibly the simplest way of doing it too. The main difficulty might be getting a fryer capable of holding a turkey. This method has gotten so popular that turkey fryers are now being manufactured and sold.

Deep fried turkey

Photo credit: Keukavly

If you can get your hands on a big enough fryer, here’s a simple recipe for deep fried turkey.

Pit Cooking

Maybe you’ve bought a turkey a few pounds too large for your oven and you have a spare patch of land somewhere. Or maybe you really, really want to cook turkey with a difference. The Hawaiians might have an idea. Kalua, or the method of cooking underground for especially tender results, can be used for literally the whole hog, let alone a turkey.

Dig up these guidelines for pit cooking and here’s how to deep pit a turkey.


Turducken’  describes the combination of a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, with layers of stuffing separating the poultry. The Turducken can make for a fairly memorable Christmas meal, and as a beneficial by-product, your family can stop arguing over the choice of fowl for dinner.

If you’re worried about making too much of a difference, it might help to know that the Turducken has in fact been around since 1985. And thousands have since enjoyed it in all its layered glory.


Photo credit: Bojangles

Chow down on this recipe for preparing Turducken at home.

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