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Whip up some festive treats with your kids


When properly supervised, children can make their own big tasting festive treats in the kitchen too.

It’s the holiday season and your kids are bored at home. Why not rope them in for some fun treats they can make and enjoy by themselves? Not only does it allow for some great family bonding time, it also acquaints them with the kitchen and its various tools.

Asian kid cooking

Photo credit: Ronskiton

If your child loves his or her festive foods, here are some suggestions that’ll also allow them to get involved in the cooking process.

Chocolate Popcorn

It’s sweet, crunchy and easy to reach for when viewing a holiday movie on the sofa. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Here’s a simple recipe for chocolate popcorn. All that’s needed is plain popcorn, peanuts, melting or baking chocolate, butter and corn syrup.

Chocolate popcorn

Photo credit: hurricanekim

Plain popcorn can easily be made in microwaves like the EMS3067X, and with its intuitive LED controls, that makes it easy for children to use as well.

When melting the chocolate mixture, portable induction cookers like the ETD32D/R/W are suited to such tasks, as induction keeps the cooking temperature  at a steady and precise level.    This makes it particularly good for keeping sauces and liquids at a constant temperature. Induction cookers use electric fields to generate heat, so the cook top is also safe for children to use.

Candy Cane Cookies

Kill two birds with one stone with these Candy Cane Cookies. Not only are they edible, they can also double up as Christmas tree ornaments if your kids are so inclined. Similar to baking cookies, this recipe starts with making cookie dough that includes peppermint and vanilla extracts to give the confection the candy cane flavour.

Candy Cane cookies

Photo credit: nik916

Children can help in the making of  the dough, and have fun colouring and shaping it for baking. Baking the mixture in a large capacity oven with a triple-glazed door not only ensures that  big batches can be done at once, enough for both consumption and the Christmas tree;  it also reduces the risk of burns from children touching the door by accident while the oven is in operation.

Gingerbread Men

A more traditional cookie for Christmas is the Gingerbread Man. A recipe for kids to try their hand at can be found here. Once you have the gingerbread dough ready, let your kids have some fun with a man-shaped cookie cutter to shape the cookies. When baked, they can  also enjoy “dressing up” their gingerbread men with icing, candies and other toppings that might catch their fancy.

Gingerbread man

Photo credit: Kerbet

Hot Fruity Christmas Punch

Don’t leave your kids out while you and other guests are sipping eggnog, mulled wine and hot toddies. Here’s a recipe for a non-alcoholic hot and fruity drink that will keep your kids warm at Christmas.

Consisting of cranberry juice, cinnamon, star anise, lemon and orange, it simply involves putting them all in a pan and warming them. Use an induction cooker and your kids can safely stir up their own drink with some adult supervision.

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