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Spice up your Christmas with these traditional drinks


No matter what kind of Christmas party you’re throwing, food and drink are bound to be at the centre of it. Or perhaps the party’s really just a fun excuse to experiment with new drink creations.

Drink party

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Either way, if the food is going to be festive, the drinks can be too. Turning wine into mulled wine or hard liquor like whiskey into hot toddies can make for tastier seasonal treats.

Here’re some easy-to-mix traditional drinks for that extra oomph at your party.


Think of Christmas drinks and chances are eggnog will be near the top of whatever springs to mind. Originating in Europe as a drink for the well to do, eggnog has since gotten the extra twist of alcohol such as rum and brandy to make it a favourite of holiday parties. Especially in cold winters.


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Here’s an eggnog recipe which works with or without the alcohol, if you’re trying to keep the party kid-friendly. The recipe does call for gently cooking the mixture without boiling it, to kill off any unwanted bacteria. An induction cooking hob such as the Electrolux EHC30200X is perfect for this task as it keeps such delicate mixtures at a precise temperature.

Hot Toddy


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The origins of this hot mixed drink vary from a curative drink for the flu to a drink that made Scotch whiskey more palatable to women. Made with a liquor such as whiskey, rum or brandy mixed with a hot liquid such as tea, cider or water and spices, Hot Toddies are drinks associated with the chilly Christmas season. Here are some traditional hot toddy recipes to warm up with.

Christmas flavoured hot chocolate


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A perennial favourite of young and old, this sweet and comforting drink is especially popular during wintry Christmas months. Making the drink more festive are flavoured variations such as minty Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Hot Chocolate and just straight up Christmas Hot Chocolate for adults.

Some of the recipe ingredients do require crushing in order to better mix the drinks. The EBR2601 Blender with its ice crushing capabilities will do the job perfectly.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

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Spicy, sweet and alcoholic, this traditional hot drink is like Christmas in a glass. If you live in a country that gets cold around Christmas, chances are you’ll want one of these when the chill comes around.



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While it sounds like a term right out of a surfer slang dictionary, Wassail has a far longer history as a traditional English drink that toasts to the health of the next harvest. A hot, mulled punch, Wassail gives a warm, fruity flavour to Christmas way better than that spiked punch you might have had at prom.

The Germans have their own variant, called Wiener Feuerzangenbowle. You know a country takes its Christmas drinks seriously when it names its drink the “Viennese Flaming Fire Tongs Punch”.  It also makes for a visually spectacular preparation, flaming Viennese sugar loaf and all.

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