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Tips on keeping your new year resolutions


The New Year is coming, and with it the annual round of ruminating on the resolutions to make in 2012. More than a few people, however, might find themselves repeating certain resolutions from 2011 that they’ve been less than faithful to.

Here are the four most popular resolutions people make and how Electrolux might just help you keep them – or at least cover them up the second time around.

Lose weight

losing weight

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It’s hard not to overindulge – with all the festive celebrations and parties and of course, Yuletide favourites like Christmas roasts, candies, desserts and drinks. Your jeans are a constant reminder  that you’ll probably need to lose a couple of pounds in the new year and losing weight is one resolution many make but few keep.

So if you find yourself in that majority, maybe it’s time to think about investing in an Electrolux Steam Dryer. The Iron Aid Steam Dryer helps to soften fabric and prevents clothing shrinkage, so you can rest a little easier knowing that your clothes won’t be shrinking any more than they need to because of the wash. You will however, still need to hit the gym or adopt some healthier cooking and eating habits in the new year. 

Eating more healthily

Eat Healthy

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Sometimes it’s not just about the weight, but your health in general. At a certain point, those pizzas and fried chicken wings do take their toll. So you’re thinking about chucking out all the fried foods and switching to boiled brown rice.

The problem with making drastic, restrictive changes to your diet is that they’re hard to keep. Small steps, such as switching from frying to roasting or grilling, help to make your meals healthier without necessarily compromising on taste. Ovens like the EOC35000X come with both roasting and grilling options, so you can still enjoy your meat and potatoes, just with less calories.

Save Money

Saving money

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It’s been a trying year for those who’ve made this resolution. Sometimes it’s broken through no fault of your own. If you’re unsure how else you can cut down on your bills, check out these ideas on using your ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, cooking hobs and hoods, water heaters, washers and dryers more efficiently.

Spend more time with family


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Everyone seems to be working longer hours or have more hectic schedules these days. And between work and cleaning up the house, you seem to be seeing less and less of your kids. Changing how you clean like using the Ergorapido vacuum, could  help you squeeze some extra time by cutting down on the effort needed to clean up around the house. Its bright colours and ease of use might even make it fun for younger children to help push it around the house with you.

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