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Deck the halls with a last minute Christmas shindig


A simple centrepiece can help set the mood for the party.

It’s Christmas week and you’re feeling spontaneous. Or perhaps that might be an euphemism for “I forgot I’m hosting the party this year”. Fret not, a Christmas gathering doesn’t always need to entail weeks of planning or hours spent roasting fowl or putting up elaborate decorations. With the help of modern technology and some imagination, throwing together a last minute Christmas bash can be easier than you think.


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Invite via mass SMS

When it’s this close to the date, paper or even email invites may simply not get noticed in time. At this stage, the party is usually for family and good friends anyway, so just send out a quick text message informing them that there’s a party, they’re invited, and the time and place. The late timing of this invite actually works in your favour as those still without plans will usually reply quickly with questions or to inform you that they’re coming.

Keep the food simple

No party is complete without food and drink. If you don’t have ready options in your fridge already, hit the supermarket for some fuss-free options. Get bite-sized appetizers or tidbits, and pre-made popular dishes such as pizza. You can pop these in your oven just a couple of hours before the party starts. Intelligent ovens such as the Inspiro oven can help heat up or even cook a simple roast with just a few presses of a button.

Easy snacks that can be made with ingredients you’d normally find in a pantry include a cheese platter, which you can quickly arrange with cheese, crackers and jam on a plate. Or even just dips and tapanades with pita chips.

If you want to cook from scratch, stick to recipes you’re already familiar with. There’s no time to experiment and your guests will likely appreciate a well-cooked, delicious meal over the exotic.

This extends to the drinks as well. Traditional alcoholic Christmas drinks include mulled wine and eggnog, which are easy and fairly quick to make. Or just stock up on beer, a couple bottles of wine and soft drinks that your guests can help themselves to from the fridge.

Make space and tidy up

While one might wonder why tidy up a house that’ll be messy after the party anyway, nobody likes to party in a mess to begin with. Grab your Ergorapido and go for a quick clean of the rooms that will be used. Rearrange furniture to create more space for guests to stand and move around – you don’t need sitting space for everyone to mingle. But do provide surfaces for guests to place their dishes and glasses, as well as designated areas for used and dirty items. If you have a large enough balcony or garden, the party can spill over in those areas for more space.

Set the mood

Put up a simple centrepiece to set the festive theme of the party. It can be simple as filling a large bowl with Christmas ornaments or candy canes and carnations in a glass. Here’re some ideas for simple Christmas-themed centrepieces.


Photo credit: Michal Marcol

Put your Christmas cards to double duty and string them up on a clothesline across a wall or above the doorway for an easy festive decoration. Filling the room with candles and tealights are also easy ways to set the mood. Just remember to keep them out of reach of children, if your friends are bringing their kids along.

Lastly, plug that iPod or preferred MP3 player into a speaker and create a Christmas playlist. Feels like Christmas has a selection of free Christmas tunes for downloading.

Above all, it’s the company that truly matters. So don’t get caught up in being the perfect host, remember to have some fun and have a toast (or two) with your friends!

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